How to Check Salam SIM Number in KSA

How to check Salam Number in Saudi Arabia

If you are a Salam Mobile user and forget your SIM number, this post is for you. Today, a mobile number is not a just number that you use for calling or sending the messages over phone. It has become an essential need and most people are using mobile numbers for different subscriptions and online banking. Forgetting your mobile number can create different problems for you. But don’t worry because I have created this guide that will tell you “How You can Check the Salam SIM Number in Saudi Arabia“. By the end of this guide, you will be able to use the different methods to discover your forgotten Salam SIM Number along with special advice.

How to Check Salam Number in KSA? Complete Guide

Salam Mobile is very famous among users nowadays in the Saudi market for their amazing and budgeted plans as compared to the other operators. You can learn more about the company from Here. In the coming paragraph, I will list down all the possible methods that you can use to Check your SIM Number for Salam Mobile in Saudi Arabia.

Method 1: Dialing a Code

The easiest and recommended method of checking your Salam number is as simple as dialing a USSD code on your phone. In order to use this method, grab your smartphone and Dial the Code *108#. That’s it. You will see a message on your mobile screen with your SIM Number in no time.

There is another dial code that can be used to check your Salam SIM Number. Use the following steps;

  1. Open the dialer of your mobile and Dial a Code *100#. A list of different prompts will open.
  2. Type “8” and press the Send button at the bottom.
  3. A popup message will appear on the screen with your Salam SIM Number.

Method 2: Call the Helpline

If the codes provided in method # 1 are not working or you prefer to call the customer care center, you can also check your Salam SIM Number however this method time time-consuming as you have to go through the series of prompts before you reach the agent. Once you are connected, then after providing the requested information, the Customer Service Agent will tell you your SIM number.

Method 3: Visit Your Nearest Salam Mobile Store

Still, if you are struggling and cannot find your Salam SIM Number in KSA, you can use the face-to-face interaction option by visiting any of the physical stores of Salam Mobile. The Salam Mobile Team available in the Store will assist you in getting the SIM number but you will be asked to show the ID/Iqama for this purpose and be sure that the mobile connection under your use is registered in your name.

Locate the nearest Salam Mobile store on the Official Website or Google Maps.

Method 4: CST Website (Formerly CITC)

The Communications, Space & Technology Commission (CST) is the official Saudi authority responsible for the regulation of the Telecommunication industry in infrastructure development, and control. It was formerly known as The Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC). You not only can check your Virgin SIM number on this website, but also you can check all your SIMs registered under your Iqama/ID with their operator name. You can check the complete step-by-step process, How to Check SIMs on my Iqama on CST (CITC) Website.


I would like to wrap up this guide on “How to check Salam Number in KSA,” I want to express my sincere thanks to you for spending your time in reading this guide. I am sure that it has solved your issue. You can help other people by sharing this guide with them if they are facing the same issue.

As promised in the beginning, I am concluding this guide with advice. Always use a mobile connection that is registered under your name and ID/Iqama. If you are using a SIM under someone else’s name then the other person has the authority to disconnect and get a replacement SIM card and can have access to all the information associated with it. On the other hand, do not buy a SIM in your name for others as any misuse of that SIM in any unethical or illegal activity, you will be responsible.

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