How to Check JAWWY SIM Number in KSA

How to check Jawwy Number in Saudi Arabia

Forget your Jawwy SIM Number and dont know how to retrieve it? I will guide you with various methods “How to Check Jawwy SIM Number in Saudi Arabia”. The mobile number has become a digital identity and most people are using it for subscribing to different services, accessing government portals, and using banking channels.

How to Check Jawwy SIM Number in KSA? Step-by-Step Guide

Jawwy has become one of the famous mobile networks and plays the role of a game-changer in Saudi Arabia. Jawwy is a project of Saudi Telecom Company (STC) by the BOD and Leadership. They brought very attractive plans and packages for the users, especially the youth.

Back to our topic, this guide has been tailored just for you, aiming to simplify the process of checking your Jawwy number. I am sure that by the end of this guide, you will be able to discover your Jawwy SIM Number and can help others facing the same issue.

Method 1: Dialing a Code

The best, most convenient, and recommended method to find your Jawwy SIM Number is dialing a USSD code. It is the fastest way and there is no prerequisite to use this method. Just grab your phone, open the dialer, and Dial *150# and that’s it. A popup message will appear on your mobile screen with your Jawwy SIM number. Isn’t easy?

Method 2: Chat with Customer Service

Customer Care Center or Helpline is always available to solve the issues and problems faced by the customers or users. It is an essential element of a good company to provide after-sales services. Jawwy is doing this differently by a Chat with Agent option where you can connect with Customer Service to find your Jawwy SIM Number. For this visit the official website or install the mobile application where you will see the option of Chat. An agent will guide you in getting your SIM Number.

Method 3: Visit Your Nearest Jawwy Store

The next method to check your Jawwy SIM number is by visiting the nearest store where one of the friendly staff will assist you in checking your Jawwy number. To avail of this service, you must keep your valid ID/Iqama because it is required to get assistance. This method is preferred for those who cannot get the solution from any of the above-mentioned methods.

Locate the nearest store on Jawwy’s Official Website or Google Maps.

Method 4: CST Website (Formerly CITC)

The Communications, Space & Technology Commission (CST) is the official regulatory authority responsible for the Telecommunication industry in infrastructure development, and control in Saudi Arabia. It was formerly known as The Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC). You not only can check your Virgin SIM number on this website, but also you can check all your SIMs registered under your Iqama/ID with their operator name. You can check the complete step-by-step process, How to Check SIMs on my Iqama on CST (CITC) Website.


We conclude this guide on “How to check Jawwy SIM Number in KSA,” by extending my heartfelt gratitude to you for spending your time and I am sure that you are now able to find your forgotten SIM number. Share this information if someone is facing the same issue. Lastly a valuable advice for you. Always use your mobile connection registered under your own name and never buy a connection for someone else because in both cases you will be in trouble.

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