i500 TWS Review [Best Airpods Replica of 2021]

Airpods are very decent and useful earphones that have to change the trend from the wired typical earphones to wireless. However, like all other Apple products, Airpods are also an expensive product for many people especially those living in progressing countries. But, i500 TWS has given the best alternative that is the clone copy of Airpods. In this post, we will review the i500 TWS Airpods replica from a different perspective.

If we say that the Airpods are the most liked earphones in the world, it will not be wrong. Almost all iPhone users have airpods but the other phone user can’t do it because it is said that Airpods work only with iPhone. But it is not correct because Airpods can be used with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

One of the top reasons is the price of Airpods which is more than $150. But you can get an i500 TWS for about $20-$50 that is a very affordable price even for low-income uses.

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Prominent Features of i500 TWS Airpods

There are a lot of features that are available in these earphones that we will discuss one by one in the coming paragraphs. However, the intro of some prominent features is including but is not limited to the following.

  1. It supports wireless charging.
  2. Bluetooth 5.0 gives better connectivity.
  3. Binaural call features allow you to use both earphones at the same time.
  4. i500 TWS has an open cover pop-up window feature.
  5. The AirPods can make Automatic pairing, Tws.
  6. A big capacity battery for longer standby time.
  7. Noise reduction gives the HD calling and crystal clear listening.
  8. Suitable for sportsmen with the sweat proofing.
  9. i500 TWS is the 1:1 super copy of Airpods with exact size and shape.
  10. It supports the voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant.
  11. Read more features in detail below.

1. Packaging

i500 TWS Airpods - Packaging

Once you will get this pair of earphones, the first thing you will see is the packaging. When you open the box, you will have TWS earphones, a charging cable, a charging box, and a user manual. Keep in mind you have to keep your user manual in a safe place so no risk of losing it. Whenever you will have the requirement to reset your I500 TWS AirPods, you need to follow the guidelines given in the user manual.

There is an optional accessories kit that you can purchase too. In this kit, you will have a case silicon protector, case bag, etc. If you will need to change your earphone from wireless into wired, you can have it connected with wire with the help of a case.

2. Design

i500 TWS Airpods - Design

i500 TWS is the 1:1 replica of AirPods with a similar shape and size. It has a chargeable case that has a pop-up cover. The case is made of shiny plastic that is available in white and black colors. It is very lightweight that is not more than 50g and is very easy to carry in your pocket.

The AirPods entirely comfortably fit into the Ears due to the smooth surface. The earbuds have touch sensors despite buttons that are easy to use. You just need to tap the sensor for attending calls and music listening. You can also control the music by tapping.

These replica Airpods have TWS (True Wireless Speakers) technology. With the help of this technology, they can be pair easily and separately with both air buds, and you can use them both independently.

Also, these earbuds are water-resistant, so there is no risk of sweetening and perfectly fit in the ears to prevent falling during jogging or exercise. Another quality of i500 TWS AirPods is that they don’t blink like other earphones.

3. Connectivity

i500 TWS has Bluetooth 5.0 that can be connected with IOS, Android, and any other Bluetooth-enabled devices either smartphones, tablets, or laptops. With Bluetooth 5.0, it can cover a distance of 10-20 meters which is double the previous versions.

i500 TWS AirPods is very easy to connect because they have sensors on both sides for pairing. The i500 TWS AirPods have the ability of fast pairing as they pair up instantly with Android, iOS, or any device as long as they have Bluetooth technology. Its automatic detecting pair quality made it vulnerable to connect easily whether in the ear or kept nearby.

A popup window will appear on the mobile screen when you will open the charging bin’s lid and take it close to your phone. The animation on the phone wills shows the connecting, and battery status on the phone screen. However, this feature is available for IOS devices only.

4. Voice Quality

i500 TWS Airpods - Sound Quality

i500 TWS AirPods have excellent voice quality as they give clear sound on low volume too. You can feel treble and base separately while listening to music. Due to its Bluetooth 5.0, the music can be enjoyed even if you are 10-20 meters away from your device.

Moreover, i500 TWS AirPods also support Binaural calls and gives you excellent sound quality for the recipient. Its microphone is too good to pick up voice without any distortion during calls, even in noisy environments like markets. It is with its CVC intelligent noise reduction technology.

When you play music and pop out one of the earbuds, the playing music automatically pauses, and when you put them back into your ears, the playing track resumes again.

5. Charging

i500 TWS Airpods - Charging

One of the remarkable features of the i500 TWS AirPods, dual charging is amazing. These AirPods support wireless charging and wired charging with the built-In lightning cable facility.

Today, most of the expensive wireless earphones are coming with wireless charging features. However, you can enjoy this feature in i500 TWS at a very affordable and cheap price. Once you will place your charging case of i500 TWS on the charging mat, or connect with a lightning cable, the LED Indicator on the form of the case will light up to tell you about the charging mode.

To charge your AirPods, keep them in the charging case, automatic charging will start, and it usually takes 1 hour to charge fully. 

6. Battery Capacity

i500 TWS Airpods - Popup

The charging case of i500 TWS AirPods has a big capacity battery of 300 mAh while each earphone has a 33mAh battery. It can charge the earphones multiple times that will let you listen to music for 4-5 hours continuously and the talk time of 6 hours.

Light is provided on the changing case to notify the charging status. During charging, have yellow color will show the required charging and green color will show the battery is in full charge. If your battery is fully discharged then it will take 2 and half hours to fully charge up to 100 %. The pop-up window for the IOS user will also show the status of the charging case as well as the earphones separately.

7. How to use the i500 TWS?

You can use both earphones of i500 TWS together as well as separately. To use them together, you have to pair both earphones together. For this purpose, two lights are installed on each earphone that indicates the pairing status. You have to wait for seconds for left and right earphones to pair with each other. If one Airpods light will continue on blinking while the other light will go dim, it means that both earbuds have been paired successfully with each other. Now the user is to connect the device with the phone. 

To connect the i500 TWS Airpods with your phone, firstly you have to take your charged earphones from the charging box. Then turn on the Bluetooth from your mobile phone or other devices and search for your i500 TWS airpods. Once you will see the Airpods on your mobile, just permit them to pair. After the pairing is completed, you can use your AirPods successfully to enjoy the music or listen to your calls.

8. How to use the Touch Control Feature of i500 TWS

i500 TWS Airpods - Touch Panel

i500 TWS Airpods come with a touch control panel on each earphone. This touch feature can be used for different things including answering the phone call, rejecting the call, play/pause the music, control the volume, and to change the song, etc. The below instruction will help you in knowing how to do this.

You have to tap twice on either side of the touch panel of Airpods to answer the call while a long press for 2 seconds will reject the call.

To play/pause music, you need to do a single tap. Tapping 3 times on the right side will take to the next song while doing the same on left will take to the previous track.

2 times tapping on the right side will increase the volume while the 2 times tapping on the left earphone will reduce the volume.

Lastly, if you are an IOS user, then to wake up Siri, long press for 3 seconds on the touch panel and the Siri will be active.

9. Complete Specifications

  1. Processor:                                         H1 Upgraded Chip
  2. Touch Control:                                YES
  3. Waterproof:                                     YES
  4. Bluetooth:                                        5.0
  5. Frequency:                                       2.4GHz
  6. Connection Distance:                    10-20m
  7. Earbuds Battery Capacity:           33mAh
  8. Music Playback Time:                   2 hours
  9. Charging Case Battery:                  300mAh
  10. Charging Port Type:                       Lightning
  11. Output:                                            30mw
  12. Wireless charging support:          Yes
  13. Charging Time:                               2-3 Hours
  14. Compatible devices:                      Android & IOS

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

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In this i500 TWS Airpods review, have covered all of the features of this best and affordable earphone. You will find numerous sellers on AliExpress who are selling the i500 TWS earphones at different prices, accessories kits, and delivery options. Get the option which is best suitable for you.

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