i12 TWS Review [Best Cheap Airpods Replica]

Wireless Earphones are in trend and a wide collection of Bluetooth earphones are available in the market. Yet beyond question, it was Apple that hit the table with its AirPods. i12 TWS, an item intended for clients of brand items and viable with Android or Windows PCs.

Various Asian brands accumulated to make clones of the AirPods with blended outcomes. The i12 TWS is probably the best and cheap option available and at a truly moderate cost. We have tried to describe the short i12 TWS Review in this post with advantages and disadvantages.

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Prominent Features of i12 TWS Airpods

i12 TWS has all most all the features that a buyer looks into every Bluetooth Earphones and Headphones. In the coming paragraphs, you will know about such features that many of us cannot expect at this price. So, let’s start the i12 TWS Review from the prominent features.

  1. It has Bluetooth 5.0 that gives better connectivity.
  2. i12 TWS can make Automatic pairing.
  3. Longer standby time.
  4. Intelligent Noise reduction for crystal clear listening.
  5. IPX5 rated and suitable for sportsmen.

1. Packaging

I12 TWS - Packaging

It comes in a box similar to real Airpods wrapped in plastic however it might not as good as the original. Once you will open the box, you will find the pair of TWS earphones, a charging cable, a charging box/compartment, and a user manual.

Most people do not care about the user manual but you must keep it in a safe place. You might need it if you will require to reset the earphones in case of some issues. The user guide will help you a lot in that time.

There are many sellers that are offering optional accessories with the i12 TWS Airpods that you can purchase too. These including the silicon protector, charging case bag, etc. But you always find these items are optional and if you do not need them you can also order without them.

2. Design

They are the most appealing clones, alongside their highlights and cost, is that the i12 TWS. Airpods share a decent number of capacities and with sedatives indistinguishable from the firsts.

Inside these earphones, we have the batteries and association chips, yet they lose the optical sensors of the AirPods, so they don’t separate when we eliminate them. With an indistinguishable plan line, the earphones end up being agreeable, light, and with help to keep away from incidental falls.

The i12 TWS earphones uphold developments quite well, they can even be utilized for sports exercises, for example, running or weight preparation. They present the trademark white shade of the first model, additionally in the payload box.

3. Connectivity

The i12 TWS has a built-in Bluetooth 5.0 chip that gives faster transmission and high-quality sound. It can be connected with IOS, Android, Windows, and any other Bluetooth-enabled devices either smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

Bluetooth 5.0 gives the transmission of data from a distance of 10 meters that is better than the previous versions. If you are using an iPhone, a popup window will appear on the mobile screen by opening the charging bin’s lid. That pop-up windows show the animation on the phone that shows the connecting, and battery status on the phone screen.

4. Several Characteristics of i12 TWS

As we have progressed, the i12 TWS adjusts well to the ear and stays all-around connected to the ear. In any case, the sound protection isn’t just about as great as it doesn’t have silicone cushions. They are made of plastic, with a hearty development yet it isn’t waterproof. At the modest cost of this AirPods clone, you can’t request significantly more.

Utilize Bluetooth 5.0 availability to match i12 TWS to any gadget. Multifunction contact controls are additionally viable with Android.

 The reaction time is a lot lower, with a significantly less articulated deferral in playing recordings. Every earphone has a mouthpiece for colleagues or the sans hands work, whose sound quality is more refined with more prominent clearness.

5. Charging

I12 TWS - Connectivity

Like all other Wireless earphones, i12 TWS Airpods come with a charging case that is used to carry the earphones. You just have to put the earphones in the space of the charging case, and afterward turn on the charging case. The LED pointer will streak red and mood killer after a full charge.

As the i12 TWS is a cheaper version of Fake Airpods, it does have the option of the wireless charger, however, you can check the other similar options with wireless charging features from HERE. While accusing the battery box of a USB link, the LED pointer will light yellow and green. If the LED flickers multiple times it implies your battery is half full, on the off chance that it squints multiple times it implies it is 75% charged, and on the off chance that it squints multiple times it implies it is 100% full.

We trust you presently realize how to work the headphone from the above i12 TWS Manual. Need to know anything about the headphones? Try not to spare a moment to ask in the remarks segment.

6. Battery Capacity

The self-rule of the remote earphones is indispensable to think about an incentive for cash. With the i12 TWS Airpods, we are discussing as long as 2 hours of self-sufficiency at a high rate. If we tune in to music at low volume or web recordings, we could arrive at right around 3 hours.

Concerning, we find 300mAh in the charging case and about 34mAh in every headphone. They are likewise one of the primary models to consolidate charging utilizing a lightning link (acclaimed for Apple gadgets).

7. How to use the i12 TWS?

The new i12 TWS offers further developed sign soundness than past models, particularly the i7S TWS. Another curiosity is that the two earphones work autonomously. There could be not, at this point an expert and a slave, however, every headphone works independently. This is because everyone incorporates the battery, BT chip, and an amplifier, with a self-ruling activity of every headphone.

To play out specific controls don’t press the depressed part that we find in the storage compartment. If not, the dark part. This is the place where the touch sensor is found that will permit us to change melodies or respite the music whenever, for instance. You can take a gander at the guidebook that stops as a matter of course.

The useful commands are listed below: –

  • Interruption or play a melody:                               A tap on the right or left headphone.
  • Answer or hang up a call:                                        A tap on the right or left handset.
  • Next melody:                                                             Two taps any headset.
  • Rewind tune:                                                             Three taps any headset.
  • Initiate voice partner (Google Assistant or Siri): Press and hold.

Other features user guidelines that will help you to choose this Best Fake Airpods

1. How to turn on or off i12 TWS

  • Turn on the i12 TWS will automatically turn on when they are removed from the case.
  • Turn off try holding the power button for few seconds, they will be turned off.

2. How do we pair i12 TWS to any device

The two i12 TWS earphones will consequently turn on and pair with any savvy gadget in the event that it has Bluetooth on; To know whether the association was made, the left headphones will streak blue and the red LED of the correct headphones will kill when combined effectively, notwithstanding the “associated” message will be heard after matching.

Note: If two headphones have not been matched with one another, kindly erase the combined data from the headphones, at that point long-press the force catch of the two headphones for 5 seconds to enter blending mode; the left earbuds will squint blue and the red LED on the privilege earbuds will kill when matched effectively. The earphones must kill on the off chance that they can’t synchronize inside 5 minutes.

On the off chance that the matched data should be erased, it is done as follows: In blending mode, click the force button until the LED light turns red.

3. How music is played with i12 TWS

  • Play/Pause:                Press the force button once.
  • Next tune:                  Three ticks on the force button on the correct earphone.
  • Past tune:                   Three ticks on the force button on the correct earphone.
  • Consider Siri:            Press and hold the force button for 3 seconds during playback mode.

4. How calls are answered with it

  • Answer/end call:                   Press the force button once.
  • Reject call:                             Double press the force button.

8. How to use the Touch Control Feature of i12 TWS

I12 TWS - Touch Control Panel

The updated i12 TWS Airpods come with a touch control panel on each earphone. This touch control feature allows you to control different things by touching the earphones without taking the mobile out from your pocket or bag.

You can use the touch panel of i12 TWS to answer or reject the call, play and pause the music, increase and lower the volume, and also you can change the track, etc. Check the below steps that will guide you on how to use the touch panel.

Double-tap on either side of the touch panel of Airpods to answer the call and a long press for 2 seconds will reject the call.

Single tap to play or pause music. For the next track, tap 3 times on the right side, and do the same on left will take to the previous track.

To increase the volume, twice tapping on the right side while twice tapping on the left earphone will reduce the volume.

Lastly, if you are an IOS user, then to wake up Siri, long press on the touch panel and the Siri will be active.

9. Complete Specifications of i12 TWS

  1. Bluetooth:                                        5.0
  2. Touch Control:                                YES
  3. Waterproof:                                     YES
  4. Frequency:                                       2.4GHz
  5. Connection Distance:                    10m
  6. Earbuds Battery Capacity:           35mAh
  7. Music Playback Time:                   2 hours
  8. Charging Case Battery:                  300mAh
  9. Charging Port Type:                       Lightning
  10. Wireless charging support:          No
  11. Charging Time:                               2-3 Hours
  12. Compatible devices:                      Android & IOS

10. Pros and Cons

We have listed down the PROS and CONS of I12 TWS below that will help you in easy decision-making.


  • Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 chip
  • It has charger packaging that is simply the capacity case.
  • The battery is durable and its energizing cycle is quickly contrasted with other comparable earphones.
  • It has a touch control panel on each earphone, from where you can handle the sound multiplication, the force and you can skirt ahead, skip melodies, among different capacities, for example, the alternative to answer calls.
  • Very less and affordable price.


  • Regardless of being sports earphones, their ear pads present certain issues of a grasp on the ear, so they can tumble off and can be somewhat troublesome, causing slight torment in the ear shell.
  • You can’t request similar sound quality as more costly ones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


i12 TWS earphones are much cheaper as compared to Apple Airpods. It has many features that are similar to the real Airpods however, we cannot say that it is equivalent to it. This clone of the AirPods far surpasses other monetary choices available. At the tasteful level, it is indistinguishable and with a cautious development. The two earphones are autonomous, with Bluetooth 5.0 availability and multifunction control.

Its sound quality has improved contrasted with past models, however, it has not arrived at the levels of the firsts, as is typical at its minimal effort. This post has all the information that will help you in making the decision of buying this Best and Cheap Airpods Replica. Check all the Pros and Cons of i12 TWS and buy this best-selling product from the provided link.

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In this i12 TWS Airpods review, we have covered all of the features of this best and affordable earphone. You will find numerous sellers on AliExpress who are selling the i12 TWS earphones at different prices, accessories kits, and delivery options. Get the option which is best suitable for you.

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