Best Drones with Camera Under 200 AED – UAE 2020

Drones or Quadcopters are equally famous in boys and girls, men and women, kids, and adults. There are countless models of drones that are available in the market. You can find small and big drones. Also, you can find slow and fast. You can find a drone without a camera and with a camera as per your requirements. Today drones are equipped with the latest technology, advanced features, and HD cameras for photography and movie making. Drones with Cameras are becoming very famous in UAE and the Middle East.

I have shortlisted some models for you. I have a comparison table that will help you to choose the best model for you. After that a complete review of each model to help you more because there are many factors that must keep in mind before purchasing drones with a Camera in the UAE.

1. SG106 WiFi FPV RC Drone with 720P Camera

Drones with Camera Under 200 AED - UAE 2020

SG106 is one of the best remote control drones with a camera under 200 AED in UAE. This drone is equipped with a 720p camera which will provide you good 1280×720 pixels resolution of photography and videography. WiFi function will connect it with your mobile and will take and send photos to your mobile.

27x27x7 cm make It a big drone which will be bigger with the protections and size becomes 32x32x7 cm. It is 140.6g in weight and has 4 channels. 2.4 G technology for anti-interference control with a range of 100 meters.

It has more stable flying due to Gyro 6 axis. It does not need to set the direction of the drone because of Headless mode. Further, it has one key flight, land, and returns functions that make it easy to fly for kids and beginners. It can rotate 360 degrees and do 3D flips.

Big battery with 1600mAH capacity gives it a long flight time of up to 22 minutes and will be fully charged in 170 minutes. These amazing features are now in less than 200 AED.

2. S165 WiFi FPV RC Drone with 720P Camera

Drones with Camera in UAE 2019

S165 will be going to become your favorite drone. It has many amazing features but the gesture photography. You can give a command to this drone with a gesture and it will take your phot. It can record a good quality video with a high definition 720P camera.

S165 is a big drone with 27x27x7 cm in size which is also extendable with protections. Anti-interference 2.4G remote control, Gyro 6 Axis and 4 channel make the flight more stable and easy. 150 meters Long Range remote control will give you an amazing feeling.

Further, it has one key Takeoff and landing feature and one key return feature. Headless mode makes it user-friendly for kids, teenagers, and adults. 3D flipping and 360 rotation, speed control, and emergency one key stop will be liked by every drone lover.

For long flight lovers, it is a good option. It has a 2000 mAh battery which will give a long flight time of 20 minutes. The battery can be recharged fully in 150 minutes.

All these amazing features of expensive quadcopters and drones with camera are now available in UAE under 200 AED.

3. ZD6-L RC Drone with 720P Camera and Gesture Control

Drones with Camera Under 200 AED - UAE 2019

ZD6-L is providing you the advanced features at a cheap price. It is equipped with intelligent function like palm manipulation and gesture control. It has trajectory flight, optical flow positioning and most amazing feature of “follow me”. So without wasting time let me describe one by one.

First of all, I would like to write about Palm manipulation function. With this amazing feature, within the range of 1 meter, you can use your palm to up and down the drone. Secondly, I will write about Gesture control. Now you can order your drone to record your video or take a photo by using the relative gestures.

With the amazing feature “Follow me”, this drone will follow and capture you automatically. Other Trajectory flight features allow you to draw a trajectory on your mobile screen and see the drone fly accordingly.

Further, it is equipped with a 720P camera to give you good quality photography and videography. It has anti-interference 2.4G technology remote control which has a range of 150 meters which is really a long distance. It is also controllable with a mobile application.

Furthermore, it has headless mode, one key takeoff, and landing, one key return, flips and rotates in 360 degrees and many more.

Finally, this amazing drone is powered by a 1000mAh battery that gives it 15-16 minutes of flight time and you can recharge the battery fully in 90 minutes. So, are you going to miss all these amazing advanced featured Drones with Camera in UAE under 200 AED? For sure, I will not!

4. LeXiang 803 WiFi FPV Mini Drone with 720P Camera

LeXiang 803 is a mini foldable drone which 720P camera and many other amazing features. With the WiFi feature in this mini drone, you can get the photos and videos directly into your mobile. Once you connected the WiFi, you can completely control the drone and Camera and photos will be sent to you in real-time with good quality.

LED lights installed in this mini drones will not only help you to navigate the drone but also give a beautiful view. It has a gyro 6 axis to give the drone a stable flight. It can be controlled by a 2.4 G remote control within the range of 100 meters.

LeXiang 803 also has headless mode so no worry about the which direction it will fly. With one key return and one key takeoff and landing feature, it becomes a user-friendly drone and teenagers and kids can also fly and enjoy the flight very easily.

It is powered with a 550 mAh battery which gives it a continuous flight of 12 minutes and you can recharge the battery fully in 60 minutes only. And again all these amazing features in Camera Drones are under 200 AED in UAE.

5. KF600 WiFi FPV Drone with 720P Camera

Best Drone with Camera

KF600 is also one of the good Drones with Camera under 200 AED available in UAE. It is unique in design and appearance as it has two blades in upward and the other two blades are downward.

It has a 720P camera for high-quality photography and videography. With its FPV WiFi Connectivity, you will be able to get the images from 80 meters distance in real-time with good quality. Further, it has gesture auto photo feature and it will take automatically photos by the gesture within the 23 meters range.

KF600 has anti-interference 2.4G technology remote control with the control range of 80 meters. It is user-friendly because it is headless and can be fly in any direction. It can fly left, right, upward, downward and can hold it optical position in the air. One key takeoff and landing and one key return are also available in this amazing drone. It also performs 360-degree rotation and flips.

It is powered by a 1000mAh battery that gives it a flight time of 12 minutes. You can recharge the battery in 100 minutes.

6. FQ777 FQ36 WiFi FPV Mini Drone with 720P Camera

Best Drones with Camera in UAE 2019

FQ777 is also an amazing foldable drone with WiFi, FPV and 720P camera with 1280x720resolution. It can send good high definition photos from a distance of 50 meters through FPV feature once connected with WiFi. It is a good option for HD photos and videos.

2.4G anti-interference technology remote can control drone up to 80 meters distance. Further, it has headless mode, so no worries where is the head and which side it will fly. It has one key takeoff and landing feature accompanied by one key return. It can fly in all direction and show you amazing 360flips. All these amazing features make this a user-friendly drone.

This amazing drone takes power from a 560mAH battery which gives it a flight time of 12 minutes. After that, you can recharge the battery in 90 minutes and can enjoy the next amazing flight. This wonderful drone is the best among the drones with a 720P camera is still cheap to buy in UAE under 200 AED.

7. WLtoys Q818 WiFi FPV Drone with Dual Camera

Best Drones with Camera in UAE 2019

Q818 is going to be your favorite drone due to its WiFi FPV dual camera features. You will be loving this amazing thing. Its 720P front camera and the bottom camera are switchable and you will be getting the real-time photos and videos from both cameras with WiFi FPV feature. Additionally, the gesture feature allows you to take photos and record video by moving your hand and fingers withing 2 meters.

Another amazing feature is the intelligent follow. Now set it on the “follow me” feature and it will follow you and cover you. in addition to it, it also flies in the prepared route. Just design a route and leave everything, it will follow your route.

Equipped with 2.4G anti-interference technology remote will give you control of your drone within 60 meters. It also holds altitude in the air at a certain height due to its built-in feature. It can do 3D flips and 360-degree rotation. One key feature makes it easy to use. You can take off, land or call it to return with a single key.

This amazing machine is powered by 1100 mAh battery and give it a flight time of 10 minutes. The battery is also recharged in 100 minutes for the next flight. So, I am really impressed with this Drone with Dual Camera and in UAE you can get this under 200 AED budget.

8. SMRC S1 WiFi FPV Mini Drone 720P Camera

Best Drones with Camera in UAE 2019

This is an amazing foldable pocket-sized Drone with 720P Camera, designed for beginners. Due to the WiFi feature, it can take photos and videos anytime and anywhere.

With 2.4G technology, the remote control will give you full control over your drone within 100 meters. Further, it has a gravity sensor and voice control feature which will give you new and exciting flight experience through a mobile app.

Headless mode, hover 3D Flip, altitude hold, one key takeoff, land and return, air pressure setting. These amazing features make it a user-friendly and easy for teenagers and kids to fly and enjoy this amazing drone.

IT is powered by 300 mAh battery which gives it a flight of 10 minutes. For the next flight battery will be recharged in only 45 minutes. This amazing pocket-sized Drone with HD camera can be purchased in UAE in less than 200 AED.

9. Eachine E58 WiFi FPV Mini Drone 720P Camera

Best Drones with Camera in UAE 2019

This is also a small-sized foldable mini drone with a 720P camera and WiFi FPV feature. It is a mini drone and can be carried easily. It can be connected with WiFi and App will make videos and take photos and transmit realtime through the mobile camera.

Further, it has 2.4G anti-interference remote control to give you full control over your drone within 80-meter distance. 4 channels and 6 axis gyro to give a smooth flight. The 3-speed level will give you additional fun.

Headless mode will free you about the issue of position before the flight. one key takes off, landing and return make it user-friendly for teenagers and kids.

500 mAh battery gives it the power to fly continuously for 8 minutes and you can charge the battery for the next flight in 60 minutes. This mini drone with a 720P camera is still available in UAE in less than 200 AED.

10. LF602 WiFi FPV Mini Drone 720P Camera

Best Drones with Camera in UAE 2019

LF602 is a mini drone which has 720P camera with in-hand gesture selfie mode. It is such a small that you can take anywhere in your pocket. This understands the hands’ movements and gives you good photos in return. It can take photos, make video and transmit realtime with WiFi FPV feature.

2.4G technology remote control will give you control over your drone within the range of 80 meters distance. 6 axis gyro gives you a smooth flight

With Headless Mode, no issue of direction. One key take off, landing and return made it very easy even for beginners. Also, have the feature of holding altitude.

A battery of 500mAh give power to this mini drone to fly for 8 minutes and the battery is rechargeable within 90 minutes. This mini foldable drone with a 720P camera is under 200 AED in UAE.


All the Drones models mentioned above are amazing. I have tried to mention all the features which you might see on the selling website. Everyone has their own choice. Some like big drones while the other like mini-drones. The same way some are interested in outdoor entertainment while others like indoor. So keeping in mind I have shortlisted the above-mentioned drones.

However, my favorite is the top 3 models SG106, S165, and ZD6-L, because I like the outdoor, large size and long flight timings. You can choose according to your choice.

Buyer’s Guide for Drone with Camera

Buying a thing is never been an easy task. Especially when you have multiple options in front of you.

For me, it is quite difficult. What about you?

What if, the thing you are trying to purchase is a machine?

Drones are also machines. Like other machines, each model is different in specifications and usability. So you must have some information before going to purchase a drone.

Keeping in mind the complexity, an idea came to mind. Why not I write a short and sweet guideline for my readers to assist them in buying a drone?

So here I am. When you will search for some buyer guide online, there will be hundreds of result will be open on your screen. And for sure, those will be very helpful to you. But most of them are on 4000-5000 words and that might be boring or tiring for you or you might not have much time to read all of those.

I have summarized the information of hundreds of article in a few words to save your time.

So, without wasting your valuable time and enlarging the intro, I am jumping to the topic. So let’s start.

Before I start, most of the important thing is to obey the Law. Being a responsible and good citizen, following the Law is your national responsibility. These Laws are for your good safety and security and to protect your rights. You can read the Drone Flying Law in UAE here.

Drone Definition:

Drone, Quadcopter, UAV ( Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems or Ship) etc, are the different names of the same machine. It is a machine with variable sized, which can fly without a pilot on it. Most famous today is quadcopter which has four wings which are called blades.

Drone Usage:

Drones have become very famous and people are using them as much as they can and where they can. As of today, recreational and commercial both usage is very common. However, drones are widely used for;

  • Military purposes
  • Photography and movie making
  • Media and Sports Coverage
  • Research and Surveys
  • Rescue operations etc.

Drone Parts:

Like any other machine, drones are also made of hundreds of tiny and big parts. I will only list them here and details description will be provided in a separate full guideline.

Main and major parts are

  • Frame: It is the main body of the drone and all other parts are assembled on it.
  • Propellers: Second most important part of a drone with which it flys are propellers. You can say them Blades or Wings as you like but the propeller is the official name.
  • Motor: Next important part is motor which makes propellers to spin.
  • Battery: It gives the powers to the motor and other parts to work all together to give a flight to a drone.
  • Landing Gear: It protects the drone while landing from crashes and damages.
  • Transmitter: It is widely known as Remote Control. You know very well the function of it but in short, it all features and functions are performed with Transmitter. It is programmed with antena installed on the drone.

All other parts are optional and vary from model to model. For example, Sensor, Camera, GPS, monitor, mobile application, etc.

Important Features – Review Before Buying

Today like other technology, drone technology is also growing very fast. Manufacturers are introducing advance features every day with the launch of new models.

Here I have listed some of the most important features to be reviewed before buying any drone.

This article “Best Drones with Camera under 200 AED in UAE 2020” is about the cheap and less priced drones under 200 AED, I have mentioned only those features which could get at this price.

1. Price

The very first and most important thing is the price of a drone. Because you have to choose a drone within the range of your budget. Today hundreds and thousands of drone models are available around the world from 50 AED and more than 50,000 AED.

If you follow the steps below, you will find a best-advanced featured drone within the range of your budget.

2. Ready to Fly:

Different drones come with different packaging. Normally small and pocket-sized drone is ready to fly because it could be difficult for end-users to assemble it.

But the drones with a little bigger size might require small assembling before making a flight. The packaging of these drones contains all the parts, screwdriver and user manual with assembly instruction.

Please ensure that all the accessories mentioned on the box are available inside the packaging. If not, return the drone because without all accessories, it will not fly or some amazing feature might not work.

3. Camera

Almost all drones are equipped with a camera under the range of 200 AED in UAE. You must compare the following specifications of the camera of drones in your budget.

  • Megapixels of the camera. You can easily find a 720P drone with camera under 200 AED.
  • Camera Resolution
  • Image Quality should be good
  • Video Quality

Please ensure that the camera must be at least 720P because it is considered a good quality camera. You will easily find a Drone under a budget of 200 AED with a 720P camera. Also, your camera must also record videos.

4. Battery:

A good and big battery will give you a long flight time. So before buying the drone, compare the batteries of different models in following aspects;

  • Battery Power (mAh)
  • Battery Life
  • Flight Time
  • Charging time
  • Is the battery changeable?

Longer the flight time longers the fun time. Long flight time is equally loved by recreational and commercial drones pilot.

All the models mentioned above have flight time from 8 minutes up to 25 minutes and battery power of 350 mAh up to 2000 mAh.

5. Remote Control Range:

More will be the range, more will be the fun. Long remote control range is also an important feature which requires your attention before making the payment to buy a drone.

You must consider the two most important features of Remote Control.

First of all, the range of remote control with latest anti-interference technology. All above-mentioned drones are equipped with 2.4G technology.

Secondly, there must be a feature of Alarm, if your drone is about to reach the control boundary. Otherwise you will lose control of your drone and in this case either you will lose the drone or crashed/damaged it. The models I shortlisted above have the features of one key return and some have Alarming light.

6. FPV (First Person View)

This is an amazing feature which will enable you to watch on a monitor or other supported gadget like goggles, what your drone is seeing in realtime.

This is an advance feature which is in built-in expensive drones. However, I have researched and found out all the above models of drones have FPV feature.

It will not only show you the beautiful ariel view but also can take photos and record videos with good quality.

All above-mentioned features are very important and you will find in all models mentioned in the above article. There are further features which are variable and widely available in almost all drone nowadays. That is why I am not explaining and describing those however, I have listed those below for your convenience.

  • Compatibility for Indoor and Outdoor usage
  • Storage options
  • Speed Control Function
  • 360-degree flips and rotation
  • Headless Mode availability
  • One Key Takeoff and Landing
  • One Key Return

Advice: Never feel sorry if you buy a model today and find a better advanced new model next week because it will never end. Buy with research and be happy on this.

Final Remarks

I tried my best to provide you as much as useful information as I can. It may seem that the length of the article is a little longer but please believe all the information provided is required to choose the best product.

I have selected many other models but shortlisted the above 10 models which I thought are the Best Drones with 720P Camera, FPV and Long Flight Time available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over the UAE under the small budget of 200 AED.

Thank for reading the article. You (The Readers) are very dear for me. I hope you like the information above which is collected with a lot of effort. So please don’t forget to share this with on your social media accounts. This will motivate me to bring more amazing products with advanced features at less price.

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If you have any questions, feedback or suggestion, you can comment in below comments section and on the Contact Us Page.

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