Best Xiaomi Products – For Xiaomi Lovers in 2021

Xiaomi is one of the famous Chinese brands which is well known globally. There are many products launched by Xiaomi which are included Earphones, smart home devices, Security devices, household appliances, etc. but its smartphones are more popular as compared to other products. Xiaomi Products are very useful and good in quality but many users are not aware of Xiaomi’s other products. To help our readers, we decided to share with you some Best Xiaomi Products that you would really like to add to your house and gadgets collection.

But before we start, there is something about Xiaomi that might be informational for you. Xiaomi Corporation was founded in April 2010 and has its headquarters in Beijing, China. Lei Jun was the founder of Xiaomi Corporation and currently, he is working as Chairman and CEO. Xiaomi launched its first smartphone in 2011 and today it is the largest smartphone manufacturing company in China while the fourth in the world. After Apple, Huawei, and Samsung, Xiaomi also becomes the fourth company to have self-developed mobile phone chip capabilities.

Best Xiaomi Products to Buy in 2021

Xiaomi was founded in the month of April 2010 and we bring the Best Xiaomi Products for you on the celebration of Xiaomi’s 10 Anniversary Celebration. As mentioned above Xiaomi has a wide range of products like smartphones (Mi & Redmi), Smartwatches, Fitness Devices, Projectors, TV Box, Power Banks, Earphones, Lights, Smart Home Devices, Electric Scooters, Security Systems, etc. You will read the short and brief review of different Best Products of Xiaomi in this article and let’s start.

Xiaomi Smartphones

1. Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro

1. Mi 10 Pro-Best Xiaomi Products

Xiaomi is one of the largest smartphone manufacturing company so we start from the most recent smartphone launched by Xiaomi. The leader in providing the best featured and latest technology at the best budget price, Mi Note 10 Pro by Xiaomi is one of the best smartphones which provides the features of the best latest and expensive smartphones.

Xiaomi Note 10 Pro global version is a Penta camera smartphone that has a 108MP main camera and 32 MP selfie camera. It has a 6.47″ 3D curved AMOLED display with a resolution of 2340×1080.

It has the Snapdragon 730G octa-core CPU, which is the strongest chip in the Qualcomm and offers the maximum main frequency up to 2.2Ghx and maximum rendering frequency 700MHz and it increases the speed all around in operation and gaming. IIt has OS MIUI 11.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro has a big and high capacity battery of 5260 mAh with 30W fast charging. It will charge the 100% battery in just 65 minutes. It supports the 5G networks. Multifunctional NFC, onscreen fingerprint, Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5, etc.

There are two variants Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro with 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM and 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM respectively. View the full specs and price from the below button.

2. Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S

2. Redmi Note 9S-Best Xiaomi Products

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S is launched recently. Following its tradition, Xiaomi provided the best and latest features in the best budget smartphone which is available at the price of $250.

Redmi Note 9S global version is equipped with a quad-camera with a 48MP main camera and 16 MP selfie camera. It has a 6.67″ FHD and Dotdispaly with a resolution of 2400×1080.

Xiaomi introducing the Snapdragon’s powerful 700 series processors Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 720G processor in the Redmi Note series for the first time

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro has a big and high capacity battery of 5020 mAh with 18W fast charging. It supports the 5G networks, has a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, Gorilla, etc.

There are two variants available in Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S with 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM and 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM respectively. View the full specs and price from the below button.

Xiaomi Best Smart Home & Security Products

3. Xiaomi Mijia Windows & Door Sensor

Xiaomi Miami Windows & Door sensor is a very useful product that will work in different conditions. Once you will install this device, it will turn on the alarm light when the door or window will open. It is useful because people are using different home appliances like air conditioners, purifiers, etc. When these appliances are in working condition and any door or window remains or is left open, the performance will be reduced.

4. Mi Motion-Activated

4. Mi Motion-Activated-Best Xiaomi Products

Xiaomi Mijia Sensor Yeelight is a small gadget that will detect the body in the dark and turn on. This smart lamp is a combination of hemispherical lamp and magnetic absorption structure brings 360 degrees freely adjustment, illuminates every darkness when someone passes in front of it. It is a useful and cheap gadget that could be a good addition to your smart home.

5. Xiaomi Mijia IR Intelligent Body Sensor 

5. Xiaomi Mijia IR Intelligent Body Sensor 2-Best Xiaomi Products

Xiaomi Mijia IR Body Sensor will be an important addition if you are trying to convert your home into a smart home. This would be an important gadget if you have a baby and pet or you are living in such a locality where someone can try to enter your house. It will give immediate alarm when it detects some object passing in its range. Like all the above items, this IR sensor is also a cheap product.

6. Mi Smart Sensor Set

6. Xiaomi Mi Sensor Set-Best Xiaomi Products

All the products above can be used separately and those will work effectively. But, if you really want to get the best result with these smart devices, then you should get all these Xiaomi products as a set. This set contains the Body Sensor, Door and Window Sensor, Motion Detection Lamp, along with Mi Control Hub. This Control Hub will work like a brain for your Home Ecosystem. You can pair easily your all smart devices with the hub and can set the different commands to take the appropriate reaction against the detected action.

7. Mi LED Smart Bulb

7. Mi LED Smart Bulb-Best Xiaomi Products on Aliexpress

Mi LED Bulb would be an addition to your smart home devices. It is available in white and in color with brightness and colors adjustable. It provides the option to choose the color according to the mood. Smart voice control lets you turn on and off the bulb. It works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Homekit.

8. Xiaomi Mijia Yeelight Smart LED Candle Light 

8. Xiaomi Mijia Yeelight Smart LED Candle Light-Best Xiaomi Products on Aliexpress

This smart candlelight by Xiaomi is a very useful product and a very beautiful decorative gadget that will add a good view to the viewer. It has a built-in 2100mAh high-quality lithium-ion battery which can be used for 8 hours after charging in the normal mode. It will create a romantic atmosphere that your partner would like. This smart LED lamp can be controlled with your mobile. The design is very simple and elegant that would leave a lovely feeling for you.

9. Xiaomi Mijia Bedside Lamp 2

9. Xiaomi Mijia Bedside Lamp 2-Best Xiaomi Products on Aliexpress

Xiaomi Mijia Bedside Lamp 2 is a Whole-body light, brighter and more practical. It is a very beautiful lamp which is useful and decorative with its graceful look. It is controllable with a touch panel and smartphone app. This is a lamp of the new generation which is different from the traditional lamp. You would love to add this gadget to your smart home.

10. Xiaomi Mi TV Box S

10. Xiaomi Mi TV Box S-Best Xiaomi Products on Aliexpress

Mi Box S is a 4K Ultra HD Streaming Media Player which is powered by Android 8.1. It has a built-in Chromecast which means you can connect your devices and stream it directly on your big TV screen. Further, it has smart voice control and also works with google assistant. As it is compatible with thousands of apps, you can access and play tons of premium content and videos. This is one of the best smart gadgets among the Xiaomi Products and will turn your regular TV into an Ultra HD Smart TV.

11. Mi Home Security Camera 360°

11. Mi Home Security Camera 360°-Best Xiaomi Products on Aliexpress

Mi Home Security Camera 360° gives all-around protection in full HD. This all-in-one smart camera with 1080PO FHD, 360° vision, Night vision, Motion Detector, and two-way voice, is one of the best Xiaomi Products. Further, it works with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa. The dual motorhead of Xiaomi Mi Home Security 360° enables the camera to rotate and capture a full 360° horizontal view and the 96° vertical view. Secondly, it has a shockproof design and quiet motor allow the rotation to remain smooth and silent. You can monitor through your smartphone which sends the alert immediately if found any movement. Also with a two-way voice, you can have a conversation with others near the camera.

Xiaomi Homehold & Kitchen Products

12. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

12. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner-Best Xiaomi Products on Aliexpress

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the revolution in the vacuum cleaner. It simulates artificial mopping, wipes more and more cleanly with Intelligent electric control. It has a strong suction of 2100pa. It can sense with more accuracy using its 12 Sets of sensors. it has Sweeping and Mopping mode and has a dust box and water tank. For more details about specs and price click on the below button.

13. Mi LED Desk Lamp 1S

13. Mi LED Desk Lamp 1S-Best Xiaomi Products on Aliexpress

Mi LED Desk Lamp 1S is Equipped with a Fresnel lens for more even and natural light. It has 4 lighting modes to meet lighting requirements for different settings which are Computer mode, Reading mode, Child mode, and Focus mode. Each mode provides eye protection to fulfilling basic lighting needs. It supports voice control using Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri, etc. This is the best table lamp with an elegant design and the best quality of light with different controlling options.

14. Mi Air Purifier 3H

14. Mi Air Purifier 3H-Best Xiaomi Products on Aliexpress

The air we are breathing in must be clean. But one of the biggest side effects of revolution is that we contaminated the air. There are many things in our houses that continuously release harmful gases, odors, bacteria, viruses, pollen, and other allergens in the air. These things can endanger our families. Understanding this need, the invention of the Air Purifier came into existence. Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H is one of the best Air Purifying Products in the market. It uses the three-layer HEPA filter that effectively removes harmful substances from the air. Its new powerful air duct system delivers 6330 liters of purified air per minute. For full specs and price visit the page from the below link.

15. Mi Ionic Hairdryer

15. Mi Ionic Hairdryer-Best Xiaomi Products on Aliexpress

Ionic technology prevents dryness and makes your hair healthy and shiny. The Xiaomi Mi Ionic Hairdryer protects and dries your hair with its cutting-edge technology. MI Ionic Hairdryer has a built-in condensation needle that condenses the moisture in the air and atomizes it into tiny negatively charged water ions. Then these ions keep the hair shafts closed and penetrate deep into the hair and scalp. You would like this product by Xiaomi.

16. Xiaomi Induction Heating Smart Rice Cooker 

16. Xiaomi Induction Heating Smart Rice Cooker-Best Xiaomi Products on Aliexpress

If you are rice lovers and you also have very limited time to cook the rice, for you Xiaomi Smart Rice Cooker is the solution. This amazing smart rice cooker has 3000+ Rice cooking plans. You just need to use your phone to scan the code and let the cooker work. Start rice cooker before getting off work, can eat the rice when you come back home. This smart Rice cooker connects with WiFi, and the Mi Home app can cook rice remotely. Just put the required ingredients in the cooker and leave the office. Give the cooker command from the office when you want the rice to be ready. That’s it.

Xiaomi Earphones and Speakers

17.  Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2

7. Airdots 2 PRo-Best Xiaomi Products

Xiaomi Airdots will give you the freedom of true wireless with its Airdots Pro 2. Mi True Wireless Earphones uses a completely wireless design that uses Bluetooth 5.0 to connect with the devices. It is fully compatible with IOS and Android and has active noise cancelation technology. With its tap control technology, you will use the full hands-free freedom of listening to the tracks, answer or rejecting the call, activating the voice assistant, activating active noise cancelation, etc. without taking your mobile out of your bag or pocket.

18. Xiaomi Airdots

8. Airdots-Best Xiaomi Products

Xiaomi Airdots is one of the best sellers products on Aliexpress and many other online shopping websites. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity with other devices. Xiaomi Airdots is compatible with IOS and Andriod devices. It is waterproof and suitable for workout and sports. With a single button operation, it will give you a handsfree experience with different button pressing options to play music, and answer or reject the call, etc.

19. Xiaomi Mi Speaker Cannon 2

Xiaomi Mi Cannon 2 Bluetooth speakers are compatible with all supporting devices. It uses Bluetooth 4.1 and can do the transmission from a distance of up to 10 meters. It has a good powerful battery that gives the playtime up to 7 hours. Further, it has a built-in microphone for hands-free calls and gives a hands-free experience. it is very lightweight and portable and best for outdoor and indoor use.

20. Xiaomi Mi Square Box 2

Best Xiaomi Products on Aliexpress

Xiaomi Mi Square Box 2 is one of the best Bluetooth Speakers at an affordable price on Aliexpress. It has a better quality of sound as compared to the standard and other low budget portable speakers. It gives power for up to 10 hours of playtime with 1200 mAh. Xiaomi Mi Square Box uses Bluetooth 4.2 technology for wireless connectivity. You can connect it from up to 10m. The built-in microphone will give the hands-free calling. Easy to take anywhere and best for outdoor and indoor use.

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