Best Drones For Teenagers & Kids in the Middle East

What is a Drone or a Quadcopter? Nobody knew it 10 years ago. Today all of us want it for ourselves or for our kids or to gift someone. Like many people, I am also willing to fly it with my kids and that is why I decided to make the list of Best Drones/Quadcopters for Teenagers and Kids that will also be helpful for others in buying these amazing flying toys.

Quadcopters or Drones are equally famous among kids and adults, students and professionals. This amazing toy is in the favorite list of all including me. When I see someone flying Drones, I usually stopped for some time to watch them. It gives me pleasure and smile. I am sure, you also do this because of we some kid inside us who become happy to see this.

People living in Saudi Arabia, UAE or any other country of the Middle East have fewer entertainment activities as compared to other countries. That is why I focused on the models of Best Drones for Kids and Teenagers in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. I hope it will be helpful for you.

10 Best Drones for Teenagers & Kids to Buy in 2020

Today, markets are full of drones. You will find hundreds and thousands of different models of drones. You will see a toy drone and you will also see a photographer drone. There are many drones which are used by different news channels for coverage. You must have seen Drones flying in Stadium during your favorite games to give you mind-blowing coverage.

As our topic is about the teenager and kids so we will try to stuck with the use of Drones for kids. Drones could be used for teaching various skills to kids and teenagers. Today, everything is going very fast that also made the kids and teenagers get things fast and they became impatient. Learning how to fly a drone can give then a lesson of patience. There are some kids with discoordination issues of body,  flying the drones can help them to develop hand and eye coordination. It is one of the best ways to keep your kids away from Tablets and Mobiles for some time that is the most valid reason for me to choose this toy for my kids.

I discussed earlies about the different types and usages of Drones, now I am going to start to discuss different models from my list of Best Drones for Teenagers. Later I will tell you about the more Drones, with different price categories.

Here we go for our list of 10 Best Drones for Teenagers & Kids in 2020.

1. Scoot Hands-Free Hand Operated Mini Drone

Scoot Hand operated

Small-sized fully covered wings best choice for kids of 4-5 years old and equally enjoyable for teenagers and adults who are fond of Drones. This is the best choice for those who are tired of remote control and mobile requirements. You and your kid can easily control it with hand gestures. Usually, small kids cannot operate the complex remote control while your kids can fly and control this small amazing toy easily by moving their hands. It is one of the good choices for indoor activities for your kids.

Technical Highlights

  1. Design for indoor flying and recommended for kids above 8 years. But 4-5 years kid can also fly this as per instructions.
  2. Weight is only about 5ounce that give exemption to license.
  3. It has no camera that makes it also a training Drone.
  4. No Remote requires. You can operate it by hands due to good quality 3 sensors.
  5. No separate battery and directly chargeable with the USB port.
  • Best for Kids
  • Fully Covered with fans
  • Changing Colors Lights
  • Easy to Fly
  • Availablity of Colors
  • Appearance looks not good
  • Low Battery Time
  • Screed Packaging creates the problem
  • Can be broken easily if not handled properly

2. DWI D1 Mini Drone

DWI D1 Mini

DWI D1 is suitable for your kid if he has a little knowledge about Drone flying. It is designed for indoor and outdoor flights. It is a small-sized remote control drone that is ready to fly once you unbox it. Mean you don’t need to assemble it before flying.

A protective frame designed drone makes it a safe and secure drone. There will be minimum damage change if your kid hits it with any object.

It is designed in such a way that makes it suitable for beginners and experts, indoor and outdoor flights. It has 3 modes for speed with the self-tuning feature.

A good battery to support a continues flight up to 7 minutes and could be recharged fully within 50 minutes.

Technical Highlights

  1. Recommended for 7+ age
  2. No Camera installed
  3. Multifunction Remote
  4. 10 minutes of Flight Time
  5. Safe Design with no fear of the crash
  6. No Assembly require
  • One key start and land
  • Fully protected
  • Altitude hold
  • 360 Flip and Roll
  • Beautiful LED Lights
  • Headless mode
  • Short Flight Time
  • Not Durable
  • Tiny size

3. Holy Stone HS210 Mini Drone RC Nano Quadcopter

For Drone Lovers, who like a long flight time HS210Mini Drone by Holy Stone will be the best option. With 3 batteries, it will give you a continuous 21 flight time. It can perform 3D flip and hover at a fixed height. Headless mode makes it easy to fly for both kids and adults, beginners, and experts.

It is a tiny drone that can land and fly from your palm. Easy to carry anywhere. Suitable and design for indoor and outdoor flights. You kid can take it to school, trips, or in playgrounds.

Technical Highlights

  1. Recommended for Teenagers but 8+ years can also operate this.
  2. No Camera
  3. Remote control to support amazing features. Flip, fly/land, and 360 turns
  4. 3D Flip
  5. Emergency Stop button
  6. 3 Batteries for long flight time
  7. Low Battery Notification Alarm
  8. Protected Design
  • 3 Speed Mode
  • 3 Batteries for Long Flight
  • One key Start and Land
  • Altitude Hold
  • 3D Flip
  • Protected Design
  • Tiny
  • Outside flight range is less

4. UFO 3000 by Force 1 with Glowing LED

UFO 3000

If you are looking for a Dron with a totally different look, UFO 3000 by Force 1 could be your choice. Beautiful LED lights make it different from others. It is equally liked by kids, teenagers, and adults. A colorful flight leaves a colorful impression on the observers.

With a beautiful look and remote control, it is easy to fly and land with one key feature. 360 flip, Altitude hold, and two batteries to powerup for the long flight to this tiny amazing colorful toy. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor flight.

Technical Highlights

  1. recommended for teenagers above 14 but +9 years kids can also operate it.
  2. No Camera
  3. 360 Flip
  4. Altitude Hold
  5. One key Start/land
  6. Good look gaming types remote control to support all amazing functions.
  7. Flight time is about 9 minutes with recharging time up to 85 minutes.
  • One key Start/Land
  • Beautiful Design
  • 360 Flip
  • Night Flights are awesome
  • Not Durable
  • Low Flight Time with More Recharge Time
  • High Flight can take it away from you

5. DROCON DC65 Mini RC Drone


Its good portable design and foldable flexible design make it durable during storing and carrying to any place. It is bigger than the other models discussed above.

Good altitude control can make it fly a fixed height. Spinning, rotation, and flipping at 360 degrees give you great fun. One key fly and land mode function make it user-friendly and teenagers can easily fly it, even kids under 10 can fly it with the guidance of elders.

3 Speed modes, slow, medium, and fast will help you in growing your flight skills step by step, and sooner you could be an expert drone pilot.

Technical Highlights

  1. Recommended for +10 years kids
  2. No Camera
  3. 360 Degree Flip
  4. 3 Speeds
  5. Altitude Hold
  6. Handy size
  7. One key fly/land
  8. Headless mode
  • Durable and Flexible
  • User Friendly
  • Acceptable Size
  • One Key Fly and Land
  • Poor Labeling on Remote
  • Charging plug is not good
  • Charging issue

6. SNAPTAIN H823H Mini Drone


Snaptain H823 H Mini Drone is also one of the best drones with no camera. Like all other models discussed above it also has Altitude Hold, 3D flipping, 360 rotation.

It has a 3-speed mode which is slow, medium, and fast to make your kid a professional drone pilot step by step. With one key Flight and Land feature, Teenagers and kids can easily operate this. It also has a headless mode which also makes it user-friendly.

Its small size makes it portable and easily can be taken anywhere. Design for indoor and outdoor flights.

Technical Highlights

  1. Recommended age is above 14 but under 10 can also operate this after some training
  2. Single battery with 7 minutes of flight time.
  3. One-key Return
  4. One key Fly and Land
  5. 3D Flip
  6. 360 Rotation
  7. Beautiful LED Lights
  8. Propeller Protection to keep safe from collisions.
  • Propeller Protection
  • 3 Speed Mode
  • Headless Mode
  • One Key Fly and Land, and Return
  • LED Lights
  • No swappable battery
  • Low flight Time
  • Small size

7. HC 617 War Chariot RC Quadcopter Drones

HC617 RC

If your kid is confused between RC Car and RC Drone, believe me, HC-617 will solve your problem. Because it is an RC Car and RC Drone at the same time. This is one of my favorites and is the Best Drone for Teenagers and Kids. This amazing Car Drone can fly up to 30-meter height. It is fast and responsive which can turn return and flip. Due to its durable design, It can bear crashes in the beginning and will make your kid a professional drone pilot.

Beautifully installed LED light will give you a cool look in the night. Design and suitable equally for indoor and outdoor flights. It has good continues flight of 10-15 minute with a single recharge. It can perform interesting functions like 3D flipping, 360 rotating and can fly up to 30-meter height.

  1. Recommended age is above 14 but under 10 can also operate it with little training.
  2. Up to 15 minutes of flight time.
  3. 360-degree rotation
  4. 3D Flip
  5. LED Lights
  • Large Size
  • LED Lights
  • Flight Time more than normal
  • Play as RC Car or Fly as Drone
  • Price is High

8. Zip & Zap Racing Drones Double Pack 

Zip & Zap Racing  - Best Drones For Teenagers & Kids

Have you heard about Drone Racing? If you like drone racing then this pack is for you. This is a package of Two drones with two remotes, Flags, and cones to make the racing track. If you are also like to fly a drone, then your kid will be your competitor. Get some trophy and start the competition.

These are set of 2 big sized and lightweight drones with separate accessories. Packaging contains 2 rings, 3 flags, and 8 cones. It can perform beautiful stunts by going up and down, rotating 360 and flipping.

  1. Recommended Age is above 14 but above 10 can also operate it.
  2. Separate accessories for both Drones.
  3. Complete Racing Track material
  4. Easy recharging with USB cable.
  5. 360 Rotation
  6. Flipping
  • Best Racing Drones
  • Lithium Polymer batteries (included)
  • Big size
  • Separate Accessories
  • High Price Set


LH-X1 - Best Drones For Teenagers & Kids

LH- X1 is neither a small nor a large-sized Drone. It is a medium-sized with 4 channel built-in 6 Axis Gyro. It can perform a beautiful stunt that will amaze the viewers. With moving Up, Down, Right, Left, Forward, Backward, 360-degree rotation, 3D flip and hovering, it can amaze you all.

It is ready to fly once you unbox it. Lightweight and design for indoor and outdoor fun. It could be controlled from a distance up to 80 meters. 8-10 minutes of flight time is normal and fast recharging can charge the battery in 30 minutes.

  1. Recommended age is 14 but 9-10 year kid can also operate this.
  2. 8-10 minutes of Flight time
  3. 3D flip
  4. 360 Rotation
  5. Accurate positioning in the sky
  • Average Size
  • Acceptable flight time
  • 6 Axis
  • Comparitivly High Price

10. TAAIW T2G Gesture Induction & Remote Controlled Drone

TAAIW T2G - Best Drones For Teenagers & Kids

Dual control with Gesture Induction and Remote Control make TAAIW T2G are Best Drones for Teenagers and Kids. All models mentioned above are either Gesture Control or Remote Control but here you can enjoy both the same times. Now it is up to you how you want to fly this amazing toy. If your kid is quite younger, you can teach with Gesture and later with Remote Control.

It is a multi-function drone that is headless and can fly in any direction. It can rotate 360 and also show you 3D flips like many other expensive drones.

  1. Recommended age is above 12 but under 10 can also operate this.
  2. Equally suitable for indoor and outdoor fun
  3. 360 Rotation
  4. 3D Flip
  5. 6-7 Minutes fo Flight time
  6. 1.5 Hours of Charging time
  • RC & IR Dual Mode
  • Durable
  • 6 Axis
  • Low Battery Time
  • Long Charging Time
  • Small Size


You might be noted that all Drones are Without Camera. This did not happen by mistake and also a coincidence. I did it intentionally because I want to give you something that can be done without using mobile.

To conclude this post, I would like to recommend a few models.

  1. Scoot Mini Drone or Taaiw T2G for kids under 7 Years. Both can fly with the gesture induction and no technical knowledge will be required.
  2. HC-617 is the second option, which is a combo deal. You will use as RC Drone or RC Car the same time.
  3. And Final one is Holy Stone HS210 for those who love long Flight time. With 3 batteries, this amazing machine can fly up to 21 minutes continuously.

Drones Buyer Guide – 2020

Best Drones For Teenagers

You are buyer and buyer is king. Usually, before buying anything, we do some research on it. This is a normal purchasing process that is followed by every single person.

You should not purchase anything just after reading some article and review online. Please don’t trust anyone because in the end if something will be wrong, you are the one who will be suffered. These reviews (including mine) are the writers’ evaluations based on their knowledge and research. But being a customer, there would be some requirements by you that must be verified by you before placing an order.

Here I am writing down some guideline that will definitely help you in buying your desired product. It will contain some general guidelines that will implement everything while some other which are applicable to Drones only.

Budget and Price:

Before buying anything, we allocate some budget for that item. It is a very important thing in managing your financials. Once you allocate your budget, you will find many items.

For Example, you will see some Drones at a very low price while others will be very expensive. In a very cheap price, you can get a Drone but that would not be a quality product and your money would be wasted. Money always matters. More money will add more value to your product. More Features, Technology and etc.

Neither you should go to the cheapest one, nor to the very expensive that would destroy your budget. Choose the one that fits your budget with better features.


You must consider the durability of Drone because kids will be crashing it with roof, walls, doors, etc. I have tried my best to list those models which are durable and will survive after some crashing during the learning phase of your kids.


I personally don’t like to allow kids and teens to spend more time on watching mobiles or tablets. It is good that kids of this generation know how to use these devices. But I have listed all Drones which are without Camera so that our teenagers and kids can spend some time watching the real things around them instead of mobile and Tablets.


Selection of Drone should be based on the age of your kid. Usually, kids above 7 years can fly a drone. Normally manufacturer recommendations for fly a Drone is 14 or above but there are some models mentioned above can be operated and fly by under 10 kids. I will prefer the gesture induction Drones for kids below 10 years.

For teenagers, all above-mentioned drones are suitable. Mostly teenagers like remote control Drones. So every kid has his right to choose the drone of his choice.

Local Law:

One and the most important thing is that there are different laws in different countries regarding flying Drones. You cannot fly every drone anywhere. If you are doing this, you could be in trouble with the authorities, especially if you are flying this near some Airport.

So please be careful and obey the law because the laws are for our betterment and security. As per my information, in UAE a Drone with a weight of 11 pounds, you must get a permit or license. Also, the terms and conditions are different for personal and commercial level. If you are in Saudi Arabia, please search for the law there.

Final Remarks:

In the end, I would like to say thank you for reading this post. If you are buying Drone for you or for your kids, please make sure that you have researched the product and the local laws. I have not mentioned heavyweight or big sized Drones that would require a license or permit from the authorities. However being a responsible citizen, this is your responsibility to be aware of your local law.

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