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75 Best Product Under 50 SAR on is the biggest online shopping website of the Middle East founded by Ronaldo Mouchawar and Samih Toukan in 2005. In 2017 was purchased by the Biggest Online Shopping Website is operating in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt. A few months ago, UAE site had been changed to and might be in the near future Amazon would completely change to has the biggest product range of products in every category, starting from <5 to more than 20,000 SAR. But I am sharing in this article the Best Products under 50 SAR on

More than 40 million people visit it every month, and this number is increasing day by day. You can pay with your credit/debit/Mada cards, Qitaf, Sadad and Cash on Delivery.

15 Best Baby Products Under 50 SAR
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15 Best Baby Products under 50 SAR

“A baby is as pure as an angel and as fresh as a blooming flower.” Babies are the blessing of God. Every passing day will increase your responsibilities towards babies. You will be a Super Mom or Super Dad because you not only brought them up but also protect them from everything which can harm them. For your assistance, I have created the list of the product that will assist you in bringing up your baby.

أفضل المنتجات والملحقات المختارة للأطفال ، مثل السلامة والحماية والأدوات الخارجية تحت سعر 50 ريال سعودي.

1. Baby Head Protection Pad 

وسادة حماية للطفل بمسند للراس والرقبة مع اجنحة مبطنة ضد السقوط

1. Head Protection Pad 1 - under 50 SAR

When it comes to the Baby Protection, Head Protection is essential. When the baby starts moving like crawling or walking, there are many chances that he can hit his head with some surface. This product is specially designed to protect the head of a baby.

It is made of Cotton and Soft Fiber and suitable for babies from 12 months to 24 months. In this age, Babies start learning how to walk and how to prevent falling down and get hurt. Its design is very cute and your baby will look like a small and cute honeybee. This will be a good addition to your kid’s stuff under 50 SAR budget.

2. Knee Pad Soft & Non-Slip Crawling Babies

أفضل منتج للأطفال – وسادة أمان للركبة للأطفال ، ناعمة ومضادة للانزلاق تحت سعر 50 ريال سعودي

2. Knee Pad for Babies - under 50 SAR

When the baby starts crawling, it is one of the happiest feelings after becoming the parent. But being parent, there is always a thought come in the mind that the baby might get the knee hurt because of the softness. This is the perfect product for those parents because it made for this purpose. It is made of a soft Thicken Terry (Cloth), nonslip and will keep the Knee of the baby warmer and safe from the scratches. You can buy this now from under only 10 SAR.

3. Baby Love Sleep Positioner

بيبي لف مرتبة محكم وضع النوم أحد أفضل المنتجات للأطفال دون سعر 50 ريال سعودي في السوق السعودي

3. Baby Sleep Positioner - under 50 SAR

Usually, Babies spend their most of time in sleeping and the comfortable sleeping is also good for their health. This amazing product is designed in such a way that it will give a comfortable sleep to the babies. This positioner is Portable, lightweight and easy to carry, travel. It has a Mesh panel that provides maximum airflow to the cot and baby. It is machine washable for easy cleaning and Mattress is easily removable. You can also buy this product in under 50 SAR budget from

4. Thumb Guard to Stop Thumb Sucking

الإبهام الحرس لوقف الإبهام مص الإبهام قفازات عضاضة التسنين منع لدغة إصبع الطفل

4. Thumb Guard 1 - under 50 SAR

Most of the parents are upset and concerned about the Thumb Sucking habit of their babies. Thumb sucking is not good for babies as it can cause bacterial disease, some infection or damage the skin. This is the best product for such parents. Thumb Guard is made of Food grade silicone and not bad for health and Safety. It is included teethers and a pouch and can be used on Left or right hand. It is available on under the budget of under 50 SAR.

5. Baby Door/Window Stopper

لسلامة الاطفال – مانع اغلاق الباب لحماية الاطفال

5. Door Stopper - under 50 SAR

When Babies start crawling and walking, they usually got hurt by putting their fingers or hands in doors or windows. This could be very dangerous and their hand or finger could be broken. To safeguard them from this hazard, this product is very good. It is designed in such a way that it will stop the door or window from completely closing and the baby hand or finger will not hurt. It is a very low price but a very important item.

6. Safety Lock For Refrigerator, Door, and Drawer

قفل أمان لباب الثلاجة لحماية الأطفال – أفضل منتجات الأطفال

6. Safety Lock - under 50 SAR

For growing kids, parents must keep an eye on the activities of kids. They do many things that can hurt them. For example, they can put their hand in the drawer of the cupboard, in Refrigerator or door. This can be very dangerous for kids. Bring this safety lock for the growing kids. It is a very useful gadget for parents and can be used for many things to keep the kids and babies safe.

7. Walking Safety Carrier

حامل و ماسك الاطفال لتعلم الحركةيسهل علي الوالدين سهولة تعلم الطفل للحركة و المشي مع الحفاظ علي سلامة

7. Walking Safety Carrier - under 50 SAR

Being a parent, it is a very pleasant moment when your baby starts trying to walk. Every parent helps their babies walking and practicing them. Sometimes it happens that during this training babies get hurt by falling or hitting with something and this will disturb the parent. This product is perfect for those parents and babies. This is made of fabric and designed in such a way that every parent can easily help the babies to walk without getting hurt. You can buy this from under the budget of 50 SAR.

8. Baby carriers

حمالة اطفال من الممكن وضعها بعدة وضعياتعلى الظهر او البطن عملية أنيقة مظهر جذاب تحل مكان عربية الأطفال عند الخروج او داخل

8. Baby Carrier Baby harness - under 50 SAR

Becoming the parent is one of the great blessings of God. When you take your baby first time in your hands, this feeling cannot be expressed in words. But there is another feeling which comes in the minds of new parent which is the fear that babies will fall from their hands. By keeping in mind the same feeling, I have listed this product. It is a Baby carrier or Infant Baby Carrier and you can also use it as a Backpack. It is a kind of harness and easily adjustable. You can easily buy it from under 50 SAR.

9. Child Anti Lost Wrist Link Harness 

سوار أمان سلكي لحماية الأطفال من الضياع والسرقة 1.5 متر اللون – أفضل منتجات الأطفال

9. Anti Lost Wrist Harness - under 50 SAR

Sometimes it happens that parents lose their kids in Malls or markets. It happens because, in the growing age, kids easily attracted to other things. This attraction is natural because in this way they learn about new things. Once any parent loss their kids, they become mad and search them here and there. This product has solved the problem of many parents. This Anti Lost Wrist Harness is designed in such a way that one end is fixed on the wrist of kids while the other on the parent. If kids try to move or ran parent will know. This is a very cheap but very important thing.

10. Stroller Multipurpose Hooks

لعربات الأطفال – حلقات متعددة الاستخدامات – قطعتين

10. Stroller Hooks - under 50 SAR

Sometimes it happens that after shopping, you have too many bags but same time you have to drag the stroller of your baby and you don’t have space to put those bags because your baby is lying happily in the stroller. This problem can be solved with these multipurpose Hooks. These are very convenient and allows 360 degree rotation. Hang up the bags on the hooks. These are very easy to use and can hold up to 11 pounds of weight. You can buy these on under 30 SAR.

11. Multifunctional Storage Bag for Baby Stroller

حقيبة اطفال متعددة الاستخدامات – لعربات الأطفال

11. Stroller Storage - under 50 SAR

Going out shopping with a baby is a difficult job for a parent. They have to hang a baby bag on the shoulder for baby stuff. This product is made for those parents. This is a storage box that can easily installed on the Pram. Parents can use this storage for bottles, cups, Paper towels, and other baby stuff. This multifunctional Storage Bag is available on under 30 SAR.

12. 5-in-1 Multi-Function Changing Baby Bag

أفضل منتج للأمهات اللائي يذهبن في نزهة أو في حفلة – حقيبة اطفال متعددة الاستعمالات

12. 5 in 1 multi functional bag - under 50 SAR

This is an essential product for those parents who want to take their baby out or traveling with them. This is a set of Baby Nappy Bags includes a big bag, a smaller bag, a feeding bottle holder, a diaper pad, and a food bag. It’s essential for packing the baby’s daily necessities. It is made of the Lightweight microfiber material. It is also waterproof and can be cleaned easily. Shoulder straps are Adjustable. You can buy this 5 in 1 multifunctional Bag on under 50 SAR budget.

13. Stroller Rabbit Hanging Rattle Bunny

حمالة خشخيشة موسيقية متنقلة للاطفال بتصميم دمى مخملية بشكل ارنب للتعليق على العربة

13. Stroller Entertainment - under 50 SAR

This is onboard entertainment for your baby either he is on a cot, stroller or car seat. It has a small rabbit and bear toy presents a gentle rattle. Big star gives a rattling sound while soft melody when the rabbit is pressed. Baby likes to touch it again and again for more fun. This baby entertainment system is not expensive and available on under 40 SAR.

14. Baby Shower Protective Hat

قبعة استحمام لغسل الشعر وللوقاية من الشامبو من بيبي تشايلد كيد – منتج أمان للأطفال

14. Baby Protective hat - under 50 SAR

Babies are very soft and any small mistake makes a big problem for them. This Hat is a shield for babies and protects the eyes from shampoo and water while bathing. This will not let the water run on the babyface. Also, it can prevent the clogging breathing. This protective hat is available on in just 15 SAR approximately.

15. Baby Soother and Teether Mustache Shape

تيتينة و لهاية شكل شنب – منتج الأطفال مضحك جدا

15. baby Soother and Teether Mustache shape - under 50 SAR

This is one of my favorites. It will give a very funny look at your baby and everyone who will look at the baby will be happy. It is not a toy but it is a baby soother/teether but it has a funny Mustache and when the baby will keep it in his mouth, it will give a very cute look. You can buy it now form the below link in just 30 SAR.

15 Best Car Accessories under 50 SAR

If you are a frequent traveler, then you need to maintain and equipped your car with useful tools, gadgets, and accessories. These things will help you in your travel. Physical and online shops are full of thousands of car gadgets and tools. Neither all are cheap, not expensive. I have listed some items under 50 SAR on and you would like these.

أفضل اكسسوارات السيارات أقل من 50 ريال سعودي فقط. العديد من الأدوات والإكسسوارات الخاصة بحالات الطوارئ والحماية والسلامة والتنظيف والترفيه وصاحب أجهزة بلوتوث المحمولة وما إلى ذلك. كل هذه المنتجات تحت سعر 50 ريال سعودي فقط على

1. Dent Puller Kit with Hot Melt Glue Gun

إزالة دنت من السيارة دون ضرر الطلاء – إكسسوارات للسيارات

16. Car Dent Puller - under 50 SAR

Usually, in Saudi Arabia, someone hits your car when you park your car somewhere or in the parking area. Sometimes it hit hard and breaks bumper or lights while sometimes it leaves a dent on the body. This tool kit will help you in the second scene. It is a very useful tool kit which will help you to remove the dent easily. First Clean the surface. Put the glue with the help of the gun and place the pad on the dent. Wait until it sticks. After that place stem of pad through hole pulling bridge and screw knob. Screw the knob until the pad pops off. That’s it. You can get this amazing kit under 50 SAR from

2. Multifunction Tool Pressure Gauge, Flashlight Knife & Hammer

أفضل إكسسوارات سيارات – مقياس ضغط الهواء في الإطارات المتعددة الوظائف ، مصباح يدوي للإضاءة في حالات الطوارئ ، قاطع حزام الأمان ، سكين سويسري ، فتاحة زجاجات مطرقة ، والمزيد

17. Multifunction pressure gauge - under 50 SAR

This is a multifunction 4 in 1 tool. It is a digital pressure gauge with an LCD display. Secondly, this tool also has a flashlight which can also be used as an emergency light or signal. The third thing is the Glass hammer which can be used to break the car glass. Lastly, it is equipped with a swiss army knife. This is not only the knife but also it contains a bottle opener, + and – screwdriver and, seatbelt cutter. You can get this amazing took kit under 50 SAR budget on

3. Steel Towing Rope

واير سحب استيل, قطر 8مم, طول 3.5 متر, قوة سحب 3 طن, مزود ب 2 هوك – أفضل اكسسوارات السيارات – حبل الطوارئ الصلب السحب 

18. Car Steel Towing Rope - under 50 SAR

Just imagine that you are traveling on an empty road and your car gets some problem and stop working. You checked and find that it will not start now. What you will do? The only thing is to tow your car to some near place and fix it. People are willing to help but they don’t have any Towing Rope. This is a small thing but a very important thing for you if you are a frequent traveler. it is made of steel and can drag the 3-ton weight, 3.5 meters long with 2 hooks. You can buy it under 20 SAR on

4. Blind Spot Rear View Mirror

اكسسوارات سلامة السيارة – مرآة لإيضاح النقطة العمياء, سهلة التركيب, دوران 360 درجة

19. Blind Spot Mirror - under 50 SAR

Have you ever faced the problem with the blind spots during driving? Sometimes it happens that you cannot see the coming car in your side rear mirrors and cause an accident. Car side mirrors have a limited view angle and you can see the limited area and if you are not driving carefully, the chances of the accident can be increased. This Blind Spot Mirror is amazing and will extend your view angle and save you from such situations. Design of it is a curved shaped frameless ultrathin and slim mirror with a metal plating mirror surface. It is rotatable, stick strongly and weatherproof. It is available under 50 SAR.

5. Car Anti Water Anti Fog Rainproof Film Rearview Mirror

اكسسوارات سلامة السيارة – استيكر المرايات الجانبية من المطر والضباب والغبار

20. Anti Water Rainproof Film - under 50 SAR

Driving during rain or fog seasons is difficult because of poor visibility. This product will enable you to see clearly from the back view window mirror. It is designed for Car, Suv, Truck, Trailer, etc. This will save you from possible danger, coming from surroundings when passing or changing lanes. It will also shield and protect your Side Mirrors from scratches, dust, and dirt. During Rainy Day or Foggy Day, it will give you a clear view and it is very easy to install. Just visit and buy it only under 20 SAR.

6. Wet and Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner

اكسسوارات السيارات – منظف الفراغ للسيارة للحصول على أفضل تنظيف داخل السيارة وإزالة جميع الغبار

21. Car Vacuum Cleaner - under 50 SAR

If you are a frequent traveler or using your car regularly, it means that you have to equip your car with your own Car Vacuum Cleaner even if you are taking your car to the service station. Usually, service stations have many cars and they never do the vacuuming properly. I am sharing with you a Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner that will help you to keep your car neat and clean and dust and dirt free. Details: Whether cleaning your car after a long trip or inflating an air mattress, the job becomes easy with the Portable Wet & Dry Canister Vacuum cleaner. This Vacuum is powered by a 12v DC lighter plug. High-Power Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Car is suitable for cars, trucks, boats, RVs, etc. You can get this under the budget of 50 SAR on

7. Pop-up Collapsible Car Garbage Bin

اكسسوارات السيارات للتنظيف – صندوق الغبار للسيارة للحفاظ على نظافة السيارة طوال الوقت

22. Car Garbage Bin - under 50 SAR

Keeping the car neat and clean is a challenge if you have kids. There is almost no chance that your car will remain clean. Those our little sweethearts are going to throw the remainings of food or wrappers inside the car cabin. But with a little training, this problem can be minimized. Just bring this specially designed Garbage Bin for your car. It is Collapsible and can be adjusted beside or backside of driving seat easily. It can be purchased from under the budget of 40 SAR.

8. Car Air Conditioner Vent Outlet Cleaning Brush

مزدوجة المنتهية السيارات سيارة مكيف الهواء تنفيس منفذ تنظيف فرشاة سيارة متر تفصيل الأنظف

23. Airvent cleaning brush - under 50 SAR

Even if you are getting the cleaning of your car from some service stations, there are many chances that they will not clean properly the Air Conditioning Vent. I am writing this based on my personal experience. The reason behind this is that they do not have any proper tools to clean. Air Conditioning Vent cannot be cleaned with simple cleaning cloth, blower or vacuum. You need this amazing and specially designed for this purpose. It is a double-ended Brush:= with Microfiber brush. It can reach the ventilation easily and effortlessly and do a great cleaning job. Click below the link of and buy this under 30 SAR.

9. Car Shoulder Pillow /Seat Belt Cushion for Kids

اكسسوارات السيارات – وسادة أمان للأطفال مثبتة مع حزام الأمان

24. Car Seat Belt Cushion for Kids - under 50 SAR

Long drive or trip with family is always an enjoyable thing. Usually, kids sleep in the car. Sometimes we feel that their neck will be tired or will get pain in the case of emergency stop or other reasons. But this problem is sloved with this Seat Belt Cushion which is specially designed for kids. It will keep their neck safe. Because it is made of 100% cotton and super soft velve. It can be fixed easily with the seat belt. You can get this on under 40 SAR.

10. Bluetooth AUX Adapter for Handfree Driving

– وصلت بلوتوث للسياره او السماعات التي بمخرج AUX

25. Bluetooth Adopter for AUX - under 50 SAR

Some Cars Audio systems do not have Bluetooth conectivity features. But don’t worry becuase of this 3.5 mm Bluetooth Adopter which can easily connect in AUX port. Simply connect your speaker with this adopterand turn it into a fashionable wireless Bluetooth system. Portable Design and Mini size will let you carry it anywhere you want. It supports iPhone, Android phone, other smart phones which with Bluetooth function. Also, it is Compatible with home stereos & speakers, car stereos, headphones, etc. Play music or make the call and enjoy handsfree experience. Buy it now on under 20 SAR budget.

11. Bluetooth Wireless Receiver AUX

 أنظمة ستيريو السيارة، النظام الصوتي المنزلي، السماعات، الخ* لا حاجة أكثر للاستخدام التقليدي لأنظمة ستيريو السيارات والنظام الصوتي المنزلي بفضل تقنية البلوتوث

26. Bluetooth Receiver - under 50 SAR

This Bluetooth Receiver is specially designed for Car Stereo and Home Audio Systems. It will change the traditional Car Stereo systems and Home Audio System into Bluetooth System. Easily pair with Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. Moreover, it will bring you much convenience and while driving. You can greatly enjoy music from your smartphone or laptop without the hassle of cables. Pick up incoming calls during driving and enjoy a fully handfree environment. Buy now on under 20 SAR.

12. Multifunction Bluetooth Receiver/ FM Transmitter USB SD Car Charger

مشغل ام بي 3 لليسارة ويحتوي على بلوتوث للاتصال وجهاز ارسال موجات اف ام لاسلكي واتصالات باوامر صوتية بمنفذ يو اس بي وبطاقة اس دي وشاحن سيارة

27. Bluetooth Receiver FM Transmitter Car USB Charger - under 50 SAR

This thing is amazing. It has many features and the best addition to your car gadgets. It is Bluetooth Receiver which will connect your mobile, tablet or other devices to your car stereo system. You can listen to FM because it is also a full frequency FM transmitter with a digital display. It has the dual USB port and you can charge your mobile, tables or other devices or you can connect a USB drive. It also has an SD card which enables you to insert an SD card and listen whatever you want. With Bluetooth Hands-free function, you can answer, hang up, reject, redial a phone call. Buy now on under 50 SAR.

13. Wireless Car Charger Mobile Mount

اكسسوارات السيارات – جبل المحمول للسيارة مع شاحن لاسلكي

28. Wire carger for car - under 50 SAR

Car Mobile mount has become a need for car users because holding the mobile during driving is so dangerous for your lift. But this car mount is not a simple car mount. It is actually has a built-in Wireless Charger which will charge your mobile also. For more details or to buy on click on the button below.

14. Car Rearview Mirror Mobile Holder

اكسسوارات السيارات – أي مونت حامل سيارة لجميع الجوالات على المراية

29. Rearview Mirror  mounted mobile holder - under 50 SAR

Today the market is full of mobile holders for cars. But mostly mobile holders are mounted on Air Conditioning Vent. I personally don’t like because it will stop your cooling. This mobile holder is designed in a way that it can easily mounted on the rearview mirror of your car. Try this Car holder now on under 40 SAR.

15. Mobile Phone Holder Mount on Car Steering Wheel

اكسسوارات السيارات – متعدد الوظائف حامل الهاتف النقال / جبل / كليب / الابزيم مقبس حر اليدين على المقود السيارات

30. Car Steering Mounted Mobile holder - under 50 SAR

Today the market is full of mobile holders for cars. But mostly mobile holders are mounted on Air Conditioning Vent. I personally don’t like because it will stop your cooling. This mobile holder can easily be mounted on Car Steering Wheel. The clips are adjustable and it is perfect fits for 4.8 inches mobiles. This is very cheap in price and fully functional. Try this Car holder now on under 10 SAR only.

10 Best Mobile Accessories under 50 SAR is the biggest online shopping website of Saudi Arabia where you can buy from hundred of thousands of products from thousands of sellers. The mobile category is the biggest among all the categories on Here you can easily find each and every mobile either it is some ancient model or the latest. Also, you can easily get the accessories of those mobiles. I am not possible for anyone to list down all mobile items but I have listed here a few which are universal and can be used with almost every mobile and can be purchased under the budget of 50 SAR.

أفضل ملحقات الهاتف المحمول أقل من 50 ريال سعودي فقط – جهاز التحكم المحمول لـ PUBG ، حوامل البيانات ، كابلات البيانات ، شاحن لاسلكي ، إلخ. جميع هذه المنتجات تقل عن 50 ريال سعودي.

1. PUBG Mobile Controller

أفضل عصا التحكم المحمول للعب PUBG على هاتفك المحمول. أفضل للهواتف النقالة. اشتر الآن من سوق تحت سعر 50 ريال

31. Mobile PUBG Controller - under 50 SAR

PUBG is not just a game now. It ha become a craze. You will see many gadgets which is specially designed for PUBG lovers. This amazing Mobile Controller/Trigger is specially designed for PUBG. It is like Mobile Joysticks which is compatible with all IOS and Android mobiles with screen size from 5.3-6.5 inches. This is the BEST GIFT for your game friends. Playing mobile games with 4 fingers, aiming at turning moving and shooting at the same time will be amazing. Just bring this and improve your skills. You can find More Mobile joystick triggers for PUBG and other games here.

2. Extendable Selfie Stick With Bluetooth Shutter

عصا سيلفي قابلة للتمديد الذاتي لاجهزة ايفون 4 5 5S 6 ، لسامسونج S3 S4 الخ.محولات قابلة للتعديل للهواتف بعرض يصل الى 5.5 سم إلى 8 سمقفل بلوتوث للهواتف بنظام اي او اس و اندرويد 4.2 أو أعلى 

32. Selfie Stick - under 50 SAR

Life is not complete today without selfies. You will see many people in the office, parks, malls, cars and etc. taking selfies. Keeping in mind the popularity of Selfies, manufacturers invented many helping thing to extend the Selfie experience. This Selfie Stick is also one of that. The extendable handheld selfie monopode is compatible with IOS and Android mobiles. It has an adjustable Phone Adapter which will be fit for all phones with width from 5.5cm to 8cm. The remote shutter is just for Phones with iOS and Android 4.2 or higher system and easily can be removed from the monopod. The rubber grip will give double safety to your mobile. You can see more features on and can buy under 30 SAR only.

3. Extendable Tripod Selfie Stick With Remote Control

أفضل ملحق للهاتف المحمول للحصول على أفضل تصوير فوتوغرافي وفيديو اشترِ الآن تحت 50 ريال سعودي في السوق

33. Tripod selfie stick - under 50 SAR

Life is not complete today without selfies. You will see many people in the office, parks, malls, cars and etc. taking selfies. Keeping in mind the popularity of Selfies, the manufacturer invented many Bluetooth Remote Control. This item will give new directions to your photography. You can take selfies by using it as a standard selfie stick. Also, you can use it a Tripod for taking the best group photos. This amazing tripod is a durable product with a moveable mobile holder which will enable you to take photos in landscape or portrait style. It is compatible with Android and IOS and easy to operate. It is available on under 50 SAR budget.

4. Flexible Octopus Tripod with Remote for Smartphone

أفضل ملحق للهاتف المحمول للحصول على أفضل تصوير فوتوغرافي وفيديو اشترِ الآن تحت 50 ريال سعودي في السوق

34. Octopus Tripd with Bluetooth remote control - under 50 SAR

This item is one of the best addition in Photography or Selfie Products. Octopus shaped Tripod is made of premium plastic and high-density foam which make it lightweight, Compact, Portable and Easy to carry. Its design is amazing. Each leg of the tripod has nine black ball and socket joints which can be rotated at 360° range. Bluetooth remote control will give you a hands-free experience and you can easily capture the perfect photos & video. It is compatible with all IOS and Android mobiles

5. 2-in-1 Live Stream with Selfie Ring LED Mobile Holder

حامل هاتف خلوي ثنائي 2 في 1 مع تيار حي خفيف مع حلقة سيلفي LED لحامل

35. Live Straming Holder - under 50 SAR

If you are a Youtuber, TikToker or recoding video for any other social application. You use live streaming with your fans or friends then this product is for you. It is a 2 in 1 mobile holder which has a Selfie Ring LED light. This will make your video a more clear with specially designed Selfie Light. It is made of premium material with 360 degree rotating design. You can adjust any angle for convenient reviewing, taking pictures or shooting videos. The LED light design with adjustable brightness to meet all your needs in different circumstances. This light is great for making up, taking photos, making videos, reading books and live streaming.

6. LED Selfie Ring for Mobiles

مصباح أل يي دي لتعزيز الأضواء لأبل أيفون وسامسنج وبراك بري ومتورور وكثير أبيض

36. LED Selfie Ring - under 50 SAR

LED Selfie Ring is specially designed for selfie lovers. it is made of high-quality plastic and has a durable and shockproof design. Provides supplemental or side lighting for best selfie and photography when you have low light conditions. It also helps you to get pictures and videos in high quality when natural light is not available. Now go to and buy this LED Ring and make good selfies, or go live with your friends.

7. Magnetic Cable For iPhone Micro USB Type C

كابل بيانات مغناطيسي – لجميع أنواع الهواتف النقالة – كابل شحن أفضل وأقوى

37. Magnetic Data Cable - under 50 SAR

Magnetic charging cable comes with 3 pins of iPhone, micro USB, and type-C. Rotateable 360-degree design makes it durable. It has a strong magnet and fast charging feature, not suitable for data transmission. Its single hand operated. Available in different colors. It is suitable is compatible with iPhone 11 Pro, Max X, XS, Max XR, 8, 7, 6 plus, Samsung Galaxy S10, S9, Note 10, Huawei P30, P20, P10 Pro and Mate Series and Xiaomi different series of mobiles.

8. 3 in 1 Universal Macro, Wide-angle and Fish-eye Clip Lens

طقم عدسات 3 في 1 ” عدسة زوايا واسعة/ عين السمكة / ماكرو” لهواتف ات تي سي / ال جي / تشياومي موتو

38. 3 in 1 Mobile Camera Lens - under 50 SAR

This lens set will give a new direction to your mobile photography. These lenses are well design, portable and lightweight. It is made of high-quality and durable material. Design is a universal type and suitable for IOS and Android mobiles like iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC and other smartphones. This kit consists of 3 clip lens. Wide-angle, macro lens, and the fish-eye lens. The Macro lens can take clear photos of small objects while the Wide-angle lens can shoot larger range of scenery. Fisheye lens captures the 180 degrees of the scene. But this is not expensive. It can be purchased on under 30 SAR.

9. Ultra-Slim Wireless Charging Pad

الشحن اللاسلكي – لجميع أنواع الهواتف النقالة – كابل شحن أفضل وأقوى

39. Wireless Charger - under 50 SAR

This ultra-slim wireless charging pad is the best fast charging wireless charger in the low budget. It perfectly works with all Qi enables devices, like iPhone Xs/Xs Max/XR, iPhone X / 8 / 8 Plus, and Samsung S10/ S9 / S8 / S7/S6/Note 10/9/8/5 and all Qi-enabled or Qi receiver-equipped devices. Ultra Slim with 0.3in thickness and premium appearance for taking out. It provides the safest charging with Qi Certified Standard. Just place your device on and let it charge the device. Antislip rubber on pad saves your phone from sliding off. You can buy from now under 50 SAR budget.

10. Waterproof Mobile Pouch

مجموعة اغطية شفافة للهواتف المحمولة من شو تيك بتصميم حقيبة مقاومة للماء والغبار بحزام للعنق ومتوافقة مع اجهزة ايفون ‫(7، 7 بلس، 6 اس، 6S بلس) وكافة الاجهزة بقياس 6 انش – قطعتين

40. Watreproof Mobile Pouch - under 50 SAR

Guess what happens when you are walking on the road and heavy rain come? There will be no shade around and no other help available. You will be losing your mobile that day but wait. I know it is the worst worst-case scenario which is not going to happen but still, I have found another amazing product for this scenario. This will help you in raining or during swimming. This is a waterproof pouch which will save your mobile and other devices from water. This universal waterproof case is suitable for all devices up to 5.7 inches, such as iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, 6 Plus, Sony, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, and Blackberry. It is crystal clear and you can get on under 50 SAR budget.

10 Best Computer Accessories under 50 SAR

Computer either it is Desktop or Laptop has become a compulsory need of everyone. Almost every house has at least 1 computer in their house. Like every other thing, there are many accessories are available and the same case applies to computers. There are many gadgets and accessories available in the market that will help in maintaining your computer or making it better than before.

واي فاي ، طاولة الكمبيوتر المحمول ، مكنسة كهربائية للكمبيوتر ، وسادة تبريد للكمبيوتر المحمول ، وغيرها الكثيرجميع هذه المنتجات تحت سعر 50 ريال سعودي

1. 300Mbps Wifi Repeater Extender

ملحقات الكمبيوتر – جهاز مقوي واي فاي لاسلكي 802.11g/b/n بخاصية توزيع وتقوية الشبكة بسرعة 300 ميجا بايت بالثانية بدعم موسع لمدى الواي فاي

41. Wife Extender - under 50 SAR

Internet has become a necessary today and you must cover each and every corner of your house. But what if some of the area remain unconnected with your router. This device is the solution to your problem. It will expand your Wi-Fi signals to the dead zones of your house and sends powerfull signals with a speed of 300Mbps. This device is easy to set up and will start sending the strong signals within 5 seconds. It is very easy to set up and is available in different plugs. You can buy now from the below button from under 50 SAR.

2. Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Repeater and Extender

ملحقات الكمبيوتر-راوتر لا سلكي من ايكسومي – اشتري الآن من سوق تحت سعر 50 ريال.

42. Wife Extender Xiaomi - under 50 SAR

Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Repeater and Extender provides 300Mbps speed internet to your devices. It is one of the best seller products all over the world. With its upgraded design and built-in dial antenna, it becomes stronger and provides high-speed internet. It does automatic networking and will connect all rooms with your main source. you can connect 16 devices at the same time. It consumes very low energy. You can buy it now on under 50 SAR.

3. Foldable Laptop Stand

ملحقات الكمبيوتر – طاولة كمبيوتر محمول قابلة للطي وطاولة محمولة وقوية – اشتري الآن من سوق أقل من 50 ريال.

43. Laptop Foldable Stand - under 50 SAR

Continues usage of laptop will make it heat up and it need some cooling. Keeping in mind this fact manufacturer always tries to bring such products which will minimize the problems. This Foldable Laptop Stand is awesome with its unique foldable and portable design that you can carry this stand into the standard laptop bag. Working intently on your laptop puts stress on your neck and back. The proven ergonomic design of the Folding Laptop Stand alleviates this problem. It lets you work long and hard without pain or fatigue. Spending lengthy hours on your laptop can cause overheating and it can cause problems like slowness or system operating system crashes etc. Click now on the below button and make a purchase of this awesome Foldable Laptop Stand on under only 50 SAR budget.

4. Cooler Pad Laptop Table

ملحقات الكمبيوتر – طاولة قابلة للطي مع مروحة تبريد للكمبيوتر المحمول – اشتر الآن من سوق أقل من 50 ريال.

44. Laptop Cooling pad table - under 50 SAR

Working long hours on the laptop may cause overheating. This overheating is not good for the laptop and can cause slow speed or also can crash the system frequently. in this case you must have some arrangements to keep your laptop cool all the time so it can work properly and you too have convenience. This laptop table is compatible with laptops up to 15.6″ size. It has a dual fan system which connects with the USB port of your laptop. It is a lightweight and best laptop table with a cooling pad in a small budget under 50 SAR on

5. Laptop Mini Vacuum Cleaner

ملحقات الكمبيوتر – مكنسة كهربائية صغيرة للكمبيوتر المحمول – اشتر الآن من سوق أقل من 50 ريال.

45. Mini Vacuum Cleaner for Laptops - under 50 SAR

Taking care of your valuable things is a sign of responsibility. Every responsible take special care of their thing either it is living or nonliving. Same way if you own a laptop or computer or any other valuable thing got dust or dirt inside, bring this mini vacuum cleaner which is specially designed for this purpose. It gets the power from the USB port. Even these thing can be clean with a blower but if you will use this vacuum cleaner your will really like it. You can get more detail about it from the button below on

6. Laptop Cooler USB Cooling Fan

ملحقات الكمبيوتر -روحة يو اس بي متوافق مع اجهزة اللابتوب

46. Laptop Cooling fan - under 50 SAR

Heating up is never a good sign for your laptop health. More heat means low performance. This is a unique Cooling fan designed for Laptops. Through turbine wind pressure, it extracts hot air out from a running system. This process will stabilize the operation of your laptop. It has four ventilation connectors which are compatible with all types of notebook outlets. Super strong suction cup and bottom fixed board make it easier to fix on the laptop. With USB interface 5V power supply is more convenient and reliable. It is not an expensive device and you can buy under the 40 SAR on

7. UGREEN USB Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter

يوجرين -محول بلوتوث 4.0 استقبال لاسلكية مع EDR محول سماعات لاسلكية لسماعة بلوتوث للموسيقى، لوحات المفاتيح، الماوس، أجهزة الألعاب، سماعات

47. USB Bluetooth Adopter - under 50 SAR

Bluetooth connectivity has become very important but what if your computer or laptop does not have a built-in Bluetooth feature. No problem because you can get the UGREEN USB Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter. This USB Bluetooth Adapter adds Bluetooth to your Windows computer that doesn’t already have it. It provides wireless connections between your computer and Bluetooth devices like headsets, headphones, speakers, Bluetooth mice, keyboards, etc. at speed of up to 3 Mbps from up to 50 feet away. Compatible with 32 and 64 bit Windows 10, 8.1/8, 7, Vista, XP.

8. UGREEN USB 3.0 Hub 4 Port USB

موزع 4.0 مداخل محول HUB يو اس بي 3.0 بسرعة عالية لماك بوك اير، ماك ميني، آي ماك برو، مايكروسوفت سيرفس، ألترابوك مع 1 متر كابل تمديد

48. Ugreen USB Hub 3.0 - under 50 SAR

UGREEN is a famous brand in computer and mobile accessories. This USB hub by Ugreen USB will help you to connect up to 4 USB devices to your Computer or Laptop. You can now connect external hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and many more USB devices, etc. This USB Hub will keep you away from the repeating trouble of plugging & unplugging devices. UGREEN USB Hub is super fast and transfer data up to 5Gbps speed which is 10 times faster than standard USB 2.0. It comes with 1m long USB 3.0 Cable. It is compatible with Windows (10/8/8.1/7 / Vista / XP), Mac OS X, Linux, and Chrome Operating Systems. Easy to use. No driver installation needed, Just Plug & play. You can read more information through link provided below. Visit the from below link and buy now.

9. UGREEN HDMI Switch Bidirectional 2 In 1 Out Switch

ملحقات الكمبيوتر – توصيل جهازين بجهاز تلفزيون واحد أو جهازي تلفزيون مع جهاز واحد مع منفذ HDMI هذا – اشتر الآن من سوق بأقل من 50 ريال سعودي.

49. UGREEN HDMI 2 in 1 Switch - under 50 SAR

UGREEN 2 IN 1 HDMI SPLITTER offers an easy solution for you to connect 2 devices like XBOX, PS4 or PC with your single port HDTV. It will remove the problem of plugging and re-plugging and is very easy to use. Switching between the 2 devices with one button.

It is 2 way HDMI selector also works as HDMI Splitter enables you to connect your major device with 2 separate TV or monitor. UGREEN HDMI Splitter sends the video signal and you can toggle between the 2 monitors or only 1 monitor will display for HDMI video output. It is a 4K HDMI switch that supports video output of 4K x 2K @30Hz, 2K, 1080P, 3D and resolution along with the high definition audio. Same time, you can enjoy the best quality audio and video. Click on the below button and read the full specification on and buy it because it is under 50 SAR only.

10. Cable Tidy Management Sticky Reusable Strips

منظم الكابل إدارة الكابلات، أشرطة ربط سلك علاقات الكابلات متوافق مع كابلات الكمبيوتر والتلفزيون والطاقة والأخرى

50. Cable Management - under 50 SAR

Cable Management is a critical problem faced by everyone everywhere. You are familiar with the messy and tangled wires and cables which are really uncontrollable and require serious organization. People usually use plastic tiers or tape for this purpose while the others leave them by considering it the fortune. UGREEN is a famous company in manufacturing the mobile and computer accessories have introduced this Cable management sticky stripe. There will be many other sellers but I am recommending it because of trust and reliability and good rating. This flexible and easy to use Cable Ties Wrap can be cut into different lengths based on your needs. This is the Hook and Loop Cable Ties which will solve your messy cable management to organized cable management. Just click on the below button, visit the and buy this. Its price is less than 30 SAR.

5 Best Power Banks under 50 SAR

Power bank is one of the best inventions which allow the user to recharge their devices when away from power outlets, during traveling or emergency power shutdown. I have shortlisted 5 Power banks on under the price of 50 SAR.

أفضل بنوك الطاقة ذات وقت طويل للبطارية ، سعر أقل ، محمول ، خفيف الوزن ، وكل ذلك تحت سعر 50 ريال سعودي فقط على

1. Backup Battery 2,500 mAh Portable Dock Power Bank

Micro-USB بطارية احتياطية 2,500 ملي أمبير بنك الطاقة شاحن متنقل لأجهزة الجوال والتابلت من نوع

46. Back battery power bank - under 50 SAR

This is not like the typical power banks which are big in sizes and cannot behold in hand every time. This is a dock that can connect with your mobile and charge the mobile. it looks like a mobile casing or cover. You can use mobile easily when charging with this power bank. It has elegant, small, and easy to mount design with a Battery Backup of 2,500 mAh. It is available in Micro-USB Phones & Tablets port. You can but it on under 40 SAR.

2. WST Power bank 10000 mAh

أفضل بنك طاقة – 10000 مللي أمبير / الساعة بسعر 50 ريال سعودي في السوق. كوم

47. WST Power Bank 10000 mAh - under 50 SAR

WST power bank has the capacity10000mAh with Lithium polymer batteries and can charge your devices 500 times. It has dual USB high current output, which means you can charge 2 devices at the same time. It has a Sleek design which feels more comfortable. This power bank is compact and lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. It is suitable for a mobile table laptop etc. You can buy now on under 50 SAR.

3. Portable Power Bank 10000mAh

أفضل بنك طاقة – 10000 مللي أمبير / الساعة بسعر 50 ريال سعودي في السوق. كوم

48. Kinvale Power Bank 10000 mAh - under 50 SAR

This very good look and well design Power Bank with a capacity of 10000mAh. It is very slim and portable. You can carry this in your hand even using the mobile because it has a look like a mobile. Its size is equal to a standard size smartphone. It supports the iPhone, iPad, intelligent mobile phone, Digital camera, GPS, MP3/MP4, and other digital services. With a high-quality original battery, it provides the fast charging and discharging. Buy it now on under the price of 50 SAR.

4. Protech 7800mAh Power Bank

بروتيك 7800 مللي امبير بنك طاقة متوافق مع العديد من الاجهزة

49. Protech 7800 mAh Power Bank - under 50 SAR

Protech 7800mAh Power bank is designed well, lightweight, portable and easy to carry. This power bank could be your best partner in travel and is very easy to use. It is made of high-quality material which will give you the best result. It is compatible with IOS and Android devices. Protech Power Bank can recharge the devices more than 300 times. It has dual output ports and can charge two devices same time. It also contains the dual flashlight for emergency use. Buy now on under the price of 50 SAR.

5. PZX Power Bank 18000 mAh

أفضل بنك طاقة – بطارية متنقله من بي زد اكس 18000 امبير / الساعة بسعر 50 ريال سعودي في السوق

50. PZX Power Bank 18000 mAh - under 50 SAR

This power bank has the 18000 mAh large capacity and Premium Li-ion battery cells add an extra 18000mAh to the battery life of your smartphone, tablet or digital camera. It has a simple design. all the buttons, indicator lights, and connection ports are located on one end of the power Bank. It is compatible with all popular IOS and Android smartphones. The best thing is that the Power Bank automatically adjusts its output based on the connected device. You can buy now this on under 50 SAR.

10 Best Headphones & Earphones under 50 SAR

Good headphones are essential for many of us. If your headphones are not good then you cannot enjoy your favorite music, songs, audiobooks or even the calls. It has become an essential source of our entertainment because most of our entertainment activities are link with it. Best Quality Headphones, Headset or Earphones are actually expensive. But there are a lot of products available in the market which are budgeted items but still good to use. But still, we cannot compare the listed items with expensive items like Boss, Beats, etc.  

يحتوي هذا الجزء على معلومات عن أفضل سماعات الرأس ، سماعات الرأس اللاسلكية ، سماعات الرأس السلكية ، سماعات الرأس الرياضية ، إلخ ، بسعر 50 ريال سعودي فقط

1. Anker SoundBuds Wired Earphone

أفضل سماعات رأس سلكية – عنكر – بسعر 50 ريال سعودي في السوق

56. Anker Wired headphone - under 50 SAR

It is the product of Anker which is a famous brand for mobile and computer accessories. This headphone is wired with a button to allows you to answer and hang up. It has a 3.5 mm jack which is standard for mobiles and computers. It also has comfortable ear tips to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for everyone. Anker Soundbud is a good quality wired headphone on You can buy it only under the price of 40 SAR.

2. Huawei Earphones AM116 Metal Version

أفضل سماعات رأس سلكية – سماعات هواوي سلكية- بسعر 50 ريال سعودي في السوق

57. Huawei wired headphone - under 50 SAR

Every one of us is familiar with the Huawei name. The AM116 Earphone by Huawei is best fit and comfortable which combines the merits of both in-ear and traditional headphones. Huawei Earphone AM116 Half in-Ear Headphones has Remote Wire Control, Microphone, Foldable, Lightweight Earbuds with Crystal Clear Audio Stereo. It is suitable able for all mobile which has a 3.5mm jack port. This is a tested product with Huawei’s warranty. Just land on with the below button and order this under the price of 40 SAR.

3. Logitech H111 Stereo Headset

أفضل سماعات رأس سلكية – لوغيتك – سماعة رأس ستريو- بسعر 50 ريال في السوق

58. Logitech Headphone - under 50 SAR

Name Logitech is another famous brand in the Computer Industry. Logitech H111 Stereo Headset is a versatile headset for your online life. It will make it easy to start talking to friends and family online. Compatible and can be used with computers, smartphones, and tablets. A standard 3.5mm audio jack is compatible with most operating systems and devices. Stereo sound, moveable microphone, and adjustable headband, 3.5mm audio jack and Logitech Warranty everything just under 40 SAR on

4. Ovleng Q1 Adjustable USB Earphone 

أفضل سماعات رأس سلكية – اوفلينج سماعات قابلة للتعديل يو اس بي – تحت 50 ريال سعودي

59. Ovleng Q1 Adjustable USB Earphone - under 50 SAR

Good sound will bring another feeling to you when listening to music, watching movies or playing games on the computer. Ovleng Q1 Adjustable USB Earphones are the best choice for all these purposes. It is best for playing games, watching movies and listening to your favorite track. with its classy look, very soft PU leather earcups, and comfortable wearability even for hours of continuous usage are the best features. Moveable microphone and comfortable headband and ear cups, with a USB port to connect with the computer. Good quality rotatable microphone to let you clearly talk with friends through video chat or online gaming.

5. S460 Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

أفضل سماعات رأس لاسلكية – سماعات راس بلوتوث لاسلكية لاجهزة الكمبيوتر، اللابتوب- أقل من 50 ريال سعودي

60. Bluetooth Headphone Red - under 50 SAR

The portability requirement is going up every day that gave the reason for many new portable inventions. S460 Stereo Bluetooth headphone is one of those. It is all in one headphone. It can be connected with Bluetooth, and also has a removable USB cable to connect in 3.5 =mm jack. You can insert USB directly on it to play music. Digital quality music and FM radio and can take calls and also support the TF card. Compatible with IOS and Android smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, tablets, etc. All these quality and the price is very low just under 40 SAR. Click the below button for more details.

6. Wireless Bluetooth Deep Bass

أفضل سماعات رأس لاسلكية – سماعات راس بلوتوث لاسلكية لاجهزة الكمبيوتر، اللابتوب- أقل من 50 ريال سعودي

61. Deep Baas Wireless Headphone - under 50 SAR

This is a multifunction wireless Headphone with Bluetooth Connectivity. Good stereo sound and deep bass, onboard control buttons, USB and TIF support, etc. Adjustable headband and soft earcups make it comfortable. It is compatible with Android and IOS operated smartphones. Best for music and calling purposes. Easy to connect and less in price only under 50 SAR with all the above-mentioned quality features on

7. Sport Bluetooth Earbuds Waterproof Sweatproof

أفضل سماعات رأس لاسلكية – سماعات رأس بلوتوث لاسلكية للرياضة – أقل من 50 ريال سعودي

62. Sports Wireless Earphone - under 50 SAR

if you are a sportsman and need a very comfortable Earphone then you are in the right place. This product is not only for the sportsman, everyone can use this and enjoy this. Very comfortable and lightweight design with anti dropper fins durable. Also, it is waterproof and sweatproof. HD quality sound and long-range of 10 meters. It will give you 7-8 hours of continuous use. Comes with different size of earbuds, and charging cable. Compatible with all IOS and Android mobiles. Available on for your order under 50 SAR only.

8. Datazone Bluetooth Neckband Earphone

أفضل سماعات رأس لاسلكية – سماعة بلوتوث حول العنق مرنة غير قابلة للكسر واخف سماعة لاسلكية للهواتف الذكية من داتا زون – أقل من 50 ريال سعودي

63. Datazone  Neckband - under 50 SAR

Datazone HV-900 Neckband Bluetooth Headset is designed with Attractive Magnet and Flexible Material for IOS and Android Cellphones. It will give you 300 hours stand by time while 7-8 hours working time. You can charge it again in 1.5 hours only. It has a very comfortable design with auto and manual pairing options. The price is less on just under 30 SAR.

9. i12 TWS Earphones Bluetooth Touch Headset

أفضل سماعات رأس لاسلكية – سماعات رأس بلوتوث تعمل باللمس – أقل من 50 ريال سعودي

64. i12 TWS Bluetooth Earphone - under 50 SAR

i12 TWS binaural stereo 5.0 Bluetooth headset gives you very efficient wireless performance. The latest technology manages battery life that allows you to listen for 3-5 hours on a single charge.  The latest TWS Bluetooth headsets with smart charging compartments, magnetic shock, and electric charging, to achieve true continuous wireless power. Bluetooth V5.0 chip give 10m connection distance, high transmission at low consumption. Two ear split design allows you to use both buds separately which are like equivalent to two independent Bluetooth headsets. It has touch control which allows you to take the call, play music, control volume, and control music player with specified touch options. It is compatible with IOS and Android smartphones and available on under 50 SAR.

10. i10 TWS Earphone Bluetooth Touch Control

أفضل سماعات رأس لاسلكية – سماعات رأس بلوتوث تعمل باللمس – أقل من 50 ريال سعودي

65. i10 TWS Bluetooth Earphone - under 50 SAR

i10 TWS binaural stereo 5.0 Bluetooth headset gives you very efficient wireless performance. The latest TWS Bluetooth headsets with smart charging compartments, magnetic shock, and electric charging, to achieve true continuous wireless power. Also, support wireless charging. Bluetooth V5.0 chip give 10m connection distance, high transmission at low consumption. Two ear split design allows you to use both buds separately which are like equivalent to two independent Bluetooth headsets. It has a touch control headset and compartment which allows you to take the call, play music, control volume, and control music player with specified touch options. It is compatible with IOS and Android smartphones and available on under 50 SAR.

5 Best Electric Shavers and Trimmers for Men under 50 SAR

1. DOTS Washable Electric Shaver EH-CW400

أفضل ماكينة حلاقة – دوتس تعمل مع رطب و جاف للرجال – أقل من 50 ريال سعودي في السوق. كوم

66. DOTS Electric Shaver - under 50 SAR

Men doing jobs need to be very careful about their looks. Even some jobs require strict instructions about dressing and cleaning. Daily Shaving is difficult for someone but others are used to it. This Electric Shaver is best for these people. It has Skin-friendly blades that ensure a gentle trim. Cordless option makes it highly portable and you will be free from the electric socket problem. It and requires low maintenance and leaves the skin smooth after shaving. You can get it now on under the price of only 50 SAR.

2. Geepas Rechargeable Men’s Shaver GSR8707

أفضل ماكينة حلاقة – جيباس تعمل مع رطب و جاف للرجال – أقل من 50 ريال سعودي في السوق. كوم

67. Geepas Electric Shaver - under 50 SAR

Geepas is one of the famous home appliance company which is widely well known in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This Electric Shaver is Double-head reciprocating with an individual reflex action system. Cordless and chargeable to give you a working time of 30 minutes. It has Titanium mesh and Silver PD alloy motor with high rotational speed to give you the best result. All these features with a very low price just under 50 SAR on souq.

3. Geepas Rechargeable Trimmer for Men GTR31N

أفضل ماكينة حلاقة – جيباس مشذب الشعر قابل لاعادة الشحن للرجال- أقل من 50 ريال سعودي في السوق

68. Geepas Hair Trimmer - under 50 SAR

This is another product of Geepas a well-known brand in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Geepas Trmmer GTR31N is a multifunction Hair Trimmer suitable for the trimming of your hair or beard. It has a 2-speed function with a washable head. It is portable and cordless give you the full freedom to move around while using and pay not attention in looking at the electric socket. This comes with many accessories including Cleaning Brush, Scissors, clippers, Comb, Charging Cable and Chargeable Stand, etc. This is a good quality product with cheap price of under 50 SAR on

4. Clikon Electric Clipper & Trimmer For Men CK3225

أفضل ماكينة حلاقة – كليكون تعمل مع جاف لل رجال – مقص و مشذب- أقل من 50 ريال سعودي في السوق. كوم

69. Clikon Trimmer - under 50 SAR

Clikon is also one of the well-known home appliance company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There are many many models of Clikon that are available on but this is the only under the price of 50 SAR. CK3225 Trimmer is a 5 in 1 trimmer with High-Grade Stainless Steel Blades and 5 Combs. Cordless and lightweight and best choice for personal use. Packaging includes Charging Base, charging cable, Lubricant and Cleaning Brush and set of combs.

5. Dingling Hair Trimmer for Men Rf-609C

أفضل ماكينة حلاقة – ماكينة حلاقة شعر احترافية للرجال من دنجلينج- أقل من 50 ريال

70. Dingling Hair Trimmer - under 50 SAR

I must say that Dingling is one of the widely used Hair Trimmers and Shavers brand, it will not be wrong. You will see Dingling Products on Every Saloon which is the sigh of reliability and durability. Now let’s talk about the Dingling RF-609C Professional Hair Clipper which is a durable and adjustable Trimmer. It is a cordless and high-performance rechargeable trimmer. With the built-in microprocessor, you can regulate the speed of this trimmer. User friendly and easy to use due to cordless design. The highly efficient battery can be charged in very little time. Buy now on with the following button and under the price of 50 SAR.

5 Best Electric Beauty Gadget for Women under 50 SAR

Women are always fond of Beauty gadgets. By the passage of time these tools are revolutionized and many new electric tools, gadgets and appliances are available for women. However, I have listed a few items in low budget/price on only under the 50 SAR.

1.CLIKON CK3237 Hair Curler

الأفضل تصفيف الشعر، اكسسوارات للشعر، أدوات تجميل في سوق أقل من 50 ريال

كليكون مصفف الشعر للنساء – أقل من 50 ريال سعودي فقط

71. Clikon Hair Curler - under 50 SAR

CLIKON CK3237 Hair Curler features a heat curling gong with a motor to cater to all your hair drying and styling requirements according to your choice. It creates fashionable and stylish curls that give you multiple hair styling options. Clickon Hair Curler’s 360 degree swivel cord renders ease of use. Furthermore, the design ensures a safe and secure storage of hair curling appliances. You can read the more details of this product on and order it under the price of 50 SAR.

2. Nova Hair Straightener Silver and Black

الأفضل تصفيف الشعر، اكسسوارات للشعر، أدوات تجميل في سوق أقل من 50 ريال

مملس الشعر سيراميك من نوفا للنساء – أقل من 50 ريال سعودي فقط

72. Nova Hair Straightner - under 50 SAR

Straight Hairs are one of the intense desire of women with wavy or curly hair. But this desire can be fullfilled today with many gadgets. Nova Hair Straightner is one of those which will make it easy for you to straight your hair. This Hair Straightener by Nova’s Ceramic and Heat balance technology to keep your hair straight and suitable for all kinds of hair. Click the button and view it on and order right now.

3. Bopai Hair dryer 3000 watts

الأفضل تصفيف الشعر، اكسسوارات للشعر، أدوات تجميل في سوق أقل من 50 ريال

بوباي مجفف شعر 3000 واط للنساء – أقل من 50 ريال سعودي فقط

73. Bopai  Hair Dryer - under 50 SAR

Hair Dryer is an essential need of women either house wife or working women. Hundreds of models available on and other online shopping webistes but I have listed here the Bopai Hair Dryer which you can easily buy under the price of 50 SAR. Bopai 3000 watt Hair Dryer is much quieter, Professional Design, good appearance, comfortable and handy design. It gives big air volume with high heat which will give you the best result. Click the button to place order on Souq.

4. Blackhead Remover Pore Cleaner Vacuum

الأفضل تصفيف الشعر، اكسسوارات للشعر، أدوات تجميل في سوق أقل من 50 ريال

جهاز تنظيف وتقشير البشرة للنساء – أقل من 50 ريال سعودي فقط

74. Blackhead Remover Vacuum - under 50 SAR

Are you one of those who has teh the trouble of blackheads that ruin your good look and make you look unsightly? Are you spending a lot of time & money to find a way to get rid of blackheads? If yes then this product is for you. This Blackhead Remover Vacuum is an effective and healthy way to remove blackheads. You can order this online and will deliver it at your doorstep.

5. Electric Facial Vibrator Massager 12 Pcs Beauty Tool

الأفضل تصفيف الشعر، اكسسوارات للشعر، أدوات تجميل في سوق أقل من 50 ريال

أفضل مدلك للنساء في السوق. كوم أقل من 50 ريال لإزالة الألم وتجعل جسمك يسترخي

75. Face Massager - under 50 SAR

This amazing multifunction Electric Face Massager will eliminate the fatigue and relax your muscles. Also eliminate the pain due to sleep stiff neck, shoulder spasm, fatigue or rheumatism and will burn the fat. It gets the power from 2 AA batteries and contains 12 Pieces of accessories sto give you’re the best and relaxed results. You can now click on the below link for more details and order on

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